UIndy Day: April 25, 2019

This campaign ended on April 26, 2019, but you can still make a gift to University of Indianapolis by clicking here!

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Join us as we strive to reach 500 donors in 24 hours. Choose a featured project below or give to your favorite UIndy department. Plus, more than $14,000 in matching funds will be available through the support of our generous alumni, faculty and staff!

UIndy Fund -- Milly Kopecky '85 will match $100 per donor to the UIndy Fund for the first 50 donors ($5000 in matching funds available)

UIndy Scholarship Fund -- Anita (Kolkmeier) Samuel '98 will match $100 per donor to the UIndy Scholarship Fund for the first 50 donors  ($5,000 in matching funds available)

Research Fellowships -- Bob Green '70 will match $50 per donor to the Research Fellowships project for the first 50 donors ($2,500 in matching funds available)

Educator's Makerspace -- Alumni Board President Kent Holaday '92 will match $20 per donor to the Educator's Makerspace for the first 50 donors ($1,000 in matching funds)

School of Nursing Fund--UIndy's Dean of the School of Nursing, Norma Hall '07, will match $6 per donor to the School of Nursing Fund for the first 60 donors in honor of the 60th anniversary. ($360 in matching funds available)

UIndy Student Match -- President Manuel will match $5 per student donor to any fund for the first 50 student donors ($250 in matching funds available)

UIndy Faculty Match -- Executive Vice President & Provost, Dr. Stephen Kolison, will match $5 per faculty donor to any fund for the first 40 faculty donors ($200 in matching funds available)

UIndy Staff Match -- Vice President for University Advancement, Chris Molloy, will match $5 per staff donor to any fund for the first 40 staff donors ($200 in matching funds available)

Recent Graduate Match -- Vice President for Student & Campus Affairs and Dean of Students, Kory Vitangeli, will match $5 per alumni donor for the first ten donors from the classes of '15, '16, '17, '18 ($200 in matching funds available)

UIndy Fund

Your gift to the UIndy Fund is one of the easiest and most important ways you can make a difference for the University of Indianapolis and students. In fact, 100 percent of UIndy students benefit from the UIndy Fund. Gifts are critical for funding academic resources, updating technology and laboratories, increasing scholarships, and enhancing student success programs.

Educator's Makerspace for the School of Education

Today's teachers must have the knowledge and skills necessary to prepare PK-12 students for an innovation-driven economy. Makerspaces compel teachers to deliver content through “learning by doing,” immersing students in real-world projects that foster deep learning and understanding. Furthermore, makerspaces engender employability skills required by the innovation-driven economy in which colleagues share and build on each other’s ideas, co-construct knowledge, and create beneficial societal outcomes. Your gift will help us build the makerspace and purchase equipment such as a laser cutter and 3D printer. Moreover, your support will help equip teachers with new skill sets which enable complex thinking, problem solving, designing, collaborating, communicating and creating for today's 21st-Century student.

Research Fellowships

When students incorporate research into a solid academic foundation, they not only build their skills as a researcher, they also gain knowledge through self-discovery and build independent critical-thinking skills. Student and faculty research at UIndy can be found across many disciplines. Through your support, a new centralized effort to support research fellowships will soon be a reality. Research Fellowships consists of a $2,000 grant which funds a student’s research project, supplies, and a faculty mentor stipend. Primarily for freshman and sophomores, fellowships offer students a chance to research with a faculty member early in their educational career. Your support will help make this a sustainable program for years to come.

Strength Training Room Equipment

UIndy remains committed to the health and wellness of all students and the athletic excellence of our student-athletes. The University ranks as one of the best NCAA Division II athletics programs in the country—consistently ranking in the top 20 of the Learfield Directors’ Cup for each of the last 12 years. Help us continue to invest in the health and athletic excellence of our students by making a gift to fund new equipment for the strength training room. Seven years of wear and tear—and significant advancements in strength and fitness training technology—make this upgrade a UIndy Athletics priority.


Increasing access to a UIndy education has always been a priority. Ninety-six percent of undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid, so your support is critical in continuing to make a UIndy education accessible to any talented, qualified scholar who seeks it. Your gift could be the deciding factor for their future as a Greyhound.


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    US Donor Map

    Designation Leaderboard

    UIndy Fund 104$16,657
    UIndy Scholarship Fund 96$10,136
    Strength Training Room Equipment 38$2,531
    Educator's Makerspace for the School of Education 30$1,883
    Research Fellowships 24$3,418

    Class Year Leaderboard

    The Class Year Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
    2020 16$118
    2017 14$1,230
    2016 12$387
    2010 12$301
    1999 11$965
    2007 11$1,055
    2014 10$397
    1998 10$6,575
    2018 9$189
    2015 8$190
    2008 8$395
    1986 7$307
    1992 7$1,153
    2005 7$290
    2021 6$29
    1974 6$710
    2011 6$120
    2003 6$88
    2013 6$212
    2019 6$107
    1991 5$105
    1987 5$603
    2000 5$245
    2002 5$200
    2012 5$128
    1994 5$143
    2022 4$12
    2001 4$385
    1978 4$220
    1989 4$280
    1970 4$2,675
    1990 3$65
    2004 3$132
    2006 3$525
    1984 3$128
    1985 3$5,150
    1997 2$115
    1995 2$250
    1993 2$100
    1980 2$501
    1988 2$142
    1981 2$500
    2009 2$75
    1969 2$250
    1979 1$25
    1972 1$500
    1975 1$500
    1977 1$100
    1965 1$50
    1982 1$1,000
    1973 1$350

    Donor affiliations

    29% Alumni

    Show Alumni

    8% Students

    Show Students

    5% Parents

    Show Parents

    29% Faculty/Staff

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    6% Friends

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    Donor list

    Connie Wilson
    Jessica Munoz Sainz
    Kimberley Donohoe Burgess
    Daniel Lutocka
    Vicky L Swank
    Jill L. Walden & Douglas Walden
    Melissa Frost
    Natasha Matza
    Amanda Sanders
    Jen Huber
    Cathy R Miller
    Jill Price
    Matthew C Wilson
    Janice Brian
    Christie A Beckmann
    Larry & Ginny Leins
    Isabell Mills & Braxton Mills
    Martha Milhouse
    Terrance Fuller
    John E Wyand
    Anita Samuel
    Elizabeth D Brinson
    Caitlyn Valdez & Jonny Valdez
    Elizabeth Ramsey
    Carrie Keslar (Dankoff)
    Angelia and Brock Ridgway & Brock
    Lauryn Lea
    Troyce Golden
    Uche Unogu & Elewanya Unogu
    Michael Brent Lea
    Kelsey Ring
    Jordan Bentley

    Kory Vitangeli matched $50
    Kory Vitangeli matched $50
    Kory Vitangeli matched $50
    Kory Vitangeli matched $50
    Bethany Baugh matched $50
    Matt Redshaw photoMatt Redshaw matched $100
    Chris Molloy matched $200
    Stephen Kolison & Valeria Kolison matched $200
    Rob Manuel matched $250
    Norma Hall matched $360
    Anita (Kolkmeier) Samuel '98 matched $5,000
    Milly Cassidy Kopecky '85 matched $5,000
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