UIndy Day: April 25, 2018

This campaign ended on April 26, 2018, but you can still make a gift to University of Indianapolis by clicking here!

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Let's unite on UIndy Day 2018 and show the world our Greyhound pride! Scroll down to see the UIndy Day fundraising projects and other ways to celebrate with us on this special day.

    UIndy Starts with You!

    Held on April 25, 2018, UIndy Day was a day to celebrate our Greyhound pride with a focus on sharing UIndy spirit on social media and supporting students.
    If you weren’t able to participate in UIndy Day but would like to support the University,

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    Join us as we strive to reach 500 donors in 24 hours. Make a gift today to support one of the following exciting and important projects. Plus, President Robert Manuel will match $1-for-$1 donations from the classes of 2013-2017 up to $1,000 per class.

    Good Hall Restoration

    Since its construction in 1904, Good Hall has served as an iconic presence and cornerstone of knowledge for every student, alumnus/a, and community member who has passed through its columns. Today, Good Hall represents the strength and history of UIndy’s liberal-arts core education and will soon be the home to the Shaheen College of Arts & Sciences. Renovations are currently underway to restore the building’s two-story portico and six columns at the main entrance and update interior classrooms, faculty offices, and collaborative spaces that will transform student experiences. Your support of the Good Hall Restoration will touch every student who walks through its halls in pursuit of a UIndy liberal-arts education. Thanks to a generous donation from University of Indianapolis Board of Trustees Chair Yvonne Shaheen, your gift to restore Good Hall will be matched 2-to-1 up to $500,000.

    School of Business Finance Lab

    Building a finance lab will give the University of Indianapolis an advantage over 80 percent* of business programs in North America, leading the School of Business into elite stature with the latest technology, cutting-edge curriculum and the Wall Street feel that’s essential in today’s market. New equipment, such as a stock exchange ticker and industry software will provide a classroom with the look and feel of a New York brokerage house trading floor. This experiential learning allows students to transition more seamlessly into careers in finance with skills that employers need.

    *According to statistics from universityfinancelab.com

    UIndy Scholarships

    Your gifts will help us provide more scholarship to students, strengthening our generous financial aid program. Scholarships support continued academic excellence and diversity, making a UIndy education accessible to any talented, qualified person who seeks it. Ninety-six percent of UIndy undergraduate students receive some form of financial aid. Your support could be the deciding factor for their future as a Greyhound.

    Ned Shannon and Connie Pumpelly Athletic Training Fund

    Help us honor two pivotal members of UIndy’s Athletic Training Program while also supporting UIndy MSAT students! Ned, UIndy’s current Head Athletic Trainer, has been inspiring UIndy students for 25 years, and Connie, though retired since 2013, is still an active member of our Greyhound community. The Ned Shannon and Connie Pumpelly Athletic Training Fund will support students by providing funds for items such as students’ BOC (board of certification) exam fees.Your gift will help students realize their dream of becoming a certified athletic trainer while honoring Ned and Connie. Plus, an anonymous donor and the athletic training faculty believe in the power of gifts to the fund so much that they will match gifts given to this effort 1-to-1, up to a total of $14,000!

    Criminal Justice Education Lab

    The University of Indianapolis Department of Criminal Justice is celebrating its 45th anniversary this academic year, making it one of the longest-running criminal justice programs in the state. Demand is growing for criminal justice graduates and the University has responded with exciting new opportunities within the major. The program has expanded to include loss prevention and cyber security tracks and a crime scene investigation (CSI) track will be offered in fall 2018. A new Criminal Justice Education Lab located near campus will provide space for training simulations for criminal justice students as well as city police departments and investigators.

    Friends of Etchings Press

    In celebration of the 30th Anniversary of the Etchings Literary Magazine, make a gift to support the Etchings Press—UIndy's student-run publisher. When you make a gift of $40 or more, you are eligible to receive benefits (valued at $25) including the most recent editions of Etchings Literary and Fine Arts Magazine, and the most recent winning chapbooks in poetry, prose, and novella from Etchings Press.


    Be sure to sign in or log in on the 'Advocates' tab and share your unique links to encourage your friends to support a project. When you do, you could earn one of the many incentives for generating gifts on UIndy Day! See sample posts, download images, and more by visiting our social media toolkit!



    US Donor Map

    Designation Leaderboard

    Good Hall Restoration Fund 95$7,506
    UIndy Scholarship Fund 88$5,536
    Ned Shannon and Connie Pumpelly Athletic Training Fund 49$2,940
    School of Business Finance Lab 38$3,475
    Criminal Justice Education Lab 27$862
    Friends of Etchings Press 7$230

    Class Leaderboard

    The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
    2014 14$488
    2010 14$581
    2015 12$310
    2007 12$850
    2016 12$440
    1999 11$855
    1992 11$423
    2017 11$250
    2009 10$260
    1998 10$1,298
    2003 9$330
    1975 9$1,300
    2008 7$215
    2012 6$233
    2011 6$155
    2005 6$175
    2000 6$770
    2013 6$112
    1994 6$208
    2002 5$275
    1986 5$357
    1997 5$110
    1990 4$160
    1974 4$1,140
    2004 4$120
    2006 4$255
    1987 4$225
    1995 4$525
    1991 3$30
    1984 3$583
    1989 3$150
    1978 3$210
    1970 3$220
    1973 3$600
    1985 3$158
    1964 2$250
    1981 2$25
    1980 2$103
    1976 2$150
    1968 2$2,100
    1977 2$103
    2001 2$260
    1988 2$142
    1971 1$100
    1961 1$450
    1962 1$5
    2018 1$7
    1979 1$25
    1950 1$1,000
    1969 1$100
    1965 1$100
    1993 1$500
    1972 1$25
    1982 1$500

    Donor affiliations

    32% Alumni

    Show Alumni

    4% Students

    Show Students

    5% Parents

    Show Parents

    26% Faculty/Staff

    Show Faculty/Staff

    5% Friends

    Show Friends

    Donor list

    Amanda S Burry & Todd
    Darryl Paul Gaslan & Milasol C Gaslan
    Sara Kubuske & Jere Kubuske
    Andrew Doyle & Jill Doyle
    Stephen Jones
    Robert N Green
    Ruth Soper
    Harley Robinson
    Patrick & Becky Connor
    Babette Haas
    Tim and Colleen Kopf
    Katy Sonksen
    Jenni Limbach
    Julianne Wright
    Emily A Tucker
    Robert France
    Mona Groteguth
    Marc Milne
    Liana Kocher
    Zarah M Hileman
    George Oancea
    Kenton C. Clark & Michale Kay
    Mindy Westrick Brown
    Devin Wyss
    Christopher J Gilmartin
    Christopher Jackson photoChristopher Jackson & Sara
    Daryl Tressler & Carol
    Steven P Lane
    Franci Dilk
    Nicole Hall
    Amy Dineen
    Kristen Hay
    Michelle A. Mikaelsson
    Krista Fields
    James Austin Maguire

    Matt Jones photoMatt Jones matched $100
    Christopher Molloy matched $200
    Kevin Whiteacre photoKevin Whiteacre matched $22
    Anita Samuel photoAnita K Samuel matched $550
    Andrew Kocher photoAndy Kocher gave $100 because 100 donors made a gift in 2 days.
    Norma Hall photoNorma Hall gave $200 because 200 donors made a gift in 1 day.
    Kory Vitangeli gave $200 because 100 donors made a gift in 1 day.

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