The Hive 2021-2022

This campaign ended on July 30, 2022, but you can still make a gift to University of Detroit Mercy by clicking here!

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The Hive's Creation Story  

The Hive has been open and operating for three years. Over the three years, we have blessed students with thousands of pounds of free food. 

But What Exactly is The Hive?

The Hive is an organization here at Detroit Mercy. The goal of the Hive is to increase the standard of living for students. We do this by providing students on all three campuses with free food, hygiene items, and mental health resources. 

How Did the Hive Start? 

The Hive was started by an over-ambitious Detroit Mercy freshman who thought she could save the world in one year. That freshman name was Dohna Dudley. After our Founder, Dohna Dudley, meet her freshman year roommate, who did not receive support from her family, she realized that all students did not have a fair running in the race called college. 

So Dohna went on a journey to find resources for her roommate. Through, the process she realized that the resources that her roommate needed were not there. But, Dohna did not quit. With the help of the University of Detroit Mercy, she created a solution to the problem: THE HIVE

Like our ambitious founder, every day, the Hive strives to meet student needs, such as food insecurity. But to continue, we need your help! 

To keep helping students, we need to fundraise $8,000. 

Why Donate to the Hive

When you donate to the Hive, you are donating, to an organization that is dedicated to continuously finding solutions that students at Detroit Mercy need. 100% of your donations go directly to Detroit Mercy students. 

Since The Hive's beginning, we have had supporters backing our mission and vision. Because of our donors, we are able to expand The Hive. Here are some of the ways your donations have made a impact on the Hive. 

We still need your support to help our Detroit Mercy community. Donate now to The Hive.

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Adrian Currie
Pamela Zarkowski
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Amy M Keyzer
Agnes C Goshe
patricia s higo
Mary Taylor
Detroit Jesuit Community
Mark Denham & Karen Tumblin
Judith A Phelan
Sr. Sarah R Foster
Koukal & Sharon Vlahovich
Hank Durkin
Lynn Vitale
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Stephanie Landers Jones
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Cheryl A Bukoff
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