Islamic Prayer Room

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“Every Friday, Muslim students on the McNichols campus meet to perform Jumma Prayer in a small room in Reno Hall. Thanks to a commitment by the University, we were able to design and plan out a new room in the Student Union for Muslims to worship in. This is one of the greatest opportunities for Muslims on campus to expand their ability to worship. Every donation goes toward supporting not only this generation of Muslims at Detroit Mercy, but future generations of Muslims as well.”  - Rayan El-Cheikh Mohamad (Muslim Student Association President)  

Over the past decade, enrollment of Muslim students at Catholic campuses across the country has been increasing. In 2009, only 0.4% of Detroit Mercy students identified themselves as Muslim; last year, that percentage had risen to 7.8%.

Muslim students say they enroll at Catholic schools for many of the same reasons as their classmates. They want engaging professors, solid academic programs and attractive campuses. But there is also a spiritual attraction to the values that overlap the two faiths.

Our Catholic faith necessitates our commitment to cultivate and support the spiritual life of all students. To that end, Detroit Mercy is among a growing number of Catholic schools that have established prayer rooms and student associations for their growing Muslim populations. We currently have a mosque in the basement of Reno Hall and small multi-faith reflection spaces in the McNichols library, the Law school and the Dental school. However, the McNichols campus renovation plans include the demolition of Reno Hall and the relocation of the offices and spaces. This opportunity has allowed University Ministry to design a more appropriate space for Muslims to pray and gather in the Student Union.

In order to complete the enhancements of this prayer space, we are seeking $20,000 from alumni. Those donations mean we could include:

  • A Qibla Wall, moveable, to separate genders for prayer and other wall art
  • A coat and shoe storage unit at the entrance
  • Carpet in prayer area and a beautiful tile wall in the ablution area with seating for washing
  • Cushioned benches in the back of the women’s section with storage for prayer rugs
  • A small table for prayer rocks and beads
  • Shelving and storage for reading materials and Muslim Student Association supplies
  • Improved lighting

Your support of this project will enable us to provide these enhancements and create a peaceful and beautiful space for prayer for our Muslim students.

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