Class Gift Campaign 2019

100% of 1,750 Donor goal
This campaign ended on March 02, 2019, but you can still make a gift to University of Central Florida by clicking here!
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Júlia Orrico photoJúlia Orrico matched $20

Brooke Buttacavoli photoBrooke Buttacavoli matched $50

Latoya Jackson photoLatoya Jackson matched $250
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An Anonymous DonorDanielle Honaker gave $25

Rachel Barnes photoRachel gave $50
Generate 1 Gift
Generate a donation and be entered to have a space named after you on campus or have an honorary title (like being Knuggets best friend for a day!) bestowed upon you

Generate 2 Gifts
Generation 2 donations and get a shout out on a 4EVER KNIGHTS Social Media account

Generate 3 Gifts
Only 12 left!
Generate 3 donations a receive a free UCF keychain!

Donate $20.19
Graduating students that make a class gift are eligible to receive a graduation cord. If you would like to receive the cord, $3.00 of your gift will not be tax deductible and directed to support alumni student program initiatives.

Donate $19.63
Join The 1963 Society - a giving society within the UCF Foundation to recognize student donors and their philanthropic gifts.

4EVER KNIGHTS is dedicated to educating students about the importance of philanthropy at UCF. That means students like you! Join us as we strive to break the student donor record of 1405. Next stop (with your help) - 1750 student donors!  

All graduating Knights who make a Class Gift donation of $20.19 will receive a thank you cord to wear during their commencement ceremony. Student donors will receive information toward the end of the semester about picking up their cord.

What will you support?

You did it!

You did it! 1750 donors came together to make an impact in the lives of current and future knights - with time to spare. Thank you for choosing to support a fund that you love, the university that we love. We couldn’t have done this without you! #UCFClassGift

1739 days ago by Latoya Jackson
8 hours left - What will you support?

8 hours left and only 47 donors to go! Have you reached out to the one friend that could make a difference in the campaign? Remember - every gift matters, no matter the size. Participation is what’s most important! Share the link with your friends and ask them what will they support? #UCFClassGift 

1740 days ago by Latoya Jackson
12 Hours Left - How will you make an impact?

In the final 12 hours of the campaign, how will you make an impact? Let’s all commit to asking one friend to support a fund they care about at UCF before the campaign ends. Only 63 donors stand between you and the goal of 1750! #UCFClassGift

1740 days ago by Latoya Jackson
Less than 72 hours - help us make an even greater impact!

Help us make an impact during these last 72 hours! Here’s how you can help:

  • Send meaningful messages to friends asking them to support the campaign. Why? Because you both love UCF!
  • Login to GiveCampus and share the campaign on social media.
  • Commit to asking at least 5 knights between now and Friday night to participate. 
124 donors left to go! #UCFClassGift
1741 days ago by Latoya Jackson
Have you met Knugget?! Do you want to... :)

Knights that make a gift or participate in a contest during the campaign will be entered to win the following prizes:

  • Have memory mall named after you for a day
  • Have the Reflecting Pond named after you for a day
  • Be captain of the UCF squirrels for a day
  • Have the stone bench outside of Ferrell Commons named after you for a day
  • Be Knugget's *official* best friend for a day (who wouldn't want to be Knugget's best friend?!) 

The more gifts you generate, the more chances you have to win! 

1751 days ago by Latoya Jackson
A Challenge Gift and More!

Have you heard?! There's a challenge gift that expires in less than 48 hours. If 50 more donors give in the next two days, the challenge gift will be added to the total! We need your help to make that happen. 

  1. Share the campaign with your friends. Facebook, twitter, text! It takes longer for you to post an insta story than it does to share about the campaign. Tell your friends why you made a gift and encourage them to do the same! 
  2.  If you aren't already an advocate, become one! Just login to GiveCampus, find the advocates tab and share from there. If you aren't sure what to do, you can reference this how to guide provided by GiveCampus. 
  3. Ask 5 friends to give this weekend. If half of them say yes, we will blow that challenge goal out of the water! 

1761 days ago by Latoya Jackson

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