Give Tue UC Merced Fellowships 2019

This campaign ended on December 04, 2019, but you can still make a gift to University of California, Merced by clicking here!

UC Merced is building the future in the heart of California — one gift at a time. Our distinguished faculty often find themselves in the spotlight for their groundbreaking research, the lifeblood of that research is the tireless work of graduate students who represent the next generation of academia. The life of a grad student consists of long days and late nights, and they rely heavily on fellowships to make ends meet as they pursue their dreams. Your gift to Graduate Student Fellowship Fund will help them build their careers while contributing to research that is addressing society’s greatest challenges.

There are two matching gifts that will generate up to $2,000 in fellowship support. Dr. Robert Bernstein and Dr. Jane Binger, and Dr. Marjorie Zatz, Vice Provost and Graduate Dean, will match the first 100 donations with an additional $10 gift per donor – up to 100 gifts. 

Gifts to the Graduate Student Fellowship Fund also contribute to our overall Give Tue UC Merced campaign.

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Donor affiliations

18% Alumni

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28% Students

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4% Parents

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46% Faculty/Staff

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15% Friends

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Donor list

Monya Lane
Christopher Viney
LeRoy Westerling
Jake Sill
Yue Jessica Wang
Jennifer Errande
Tracy Proietti
Joscelyn McGowin
Ashley Eagleson
Angela Macedo Andrade
Ala'aldin Alafaghani
Dale Mills
Carolyn S Landon
Michael Scheibner
Annaliza P. Torres
Lisa Yeo
Kenra Bragonier
Daryl Hatano
Derek Hollenbeck
Selina Brinkmann
Matthew Zawadzki
Joan Rich
Amy Lozano-Smith photoAmy Lozano-Smith
Jeffrey Bernstein
Ae sil Woo
Thomas Thayer
Jose Alfredo Millan Higuera
Cassie Gunter
Carlos Diaz Alvarenga

Dr. Marjorie Zatz, Vice Provost and Graduate Dean matched $910
Dr. Robert Bernstein and Dr. Jane Binger matched $910
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