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"CAN THESE BONES LIVE?" Ezekiel 37:3


Westminster Hall, one of the three original buildings on campus, was built in 1897. The treasured building was home to generations of single students, most of whom arrived at Union in their mid-20s.  Their ministries were profoundly shaped by their time on Union’s campus. They found the dormitory to be a critical dimension of their seminary experience. They engaged in casual conversations and theological discussions there after class lectures. They forged deep and lasting friendships. To many, Westminster was a center of hospitality and companionship. In recent years, the building has been vacant while Union waited for the right moment to refurbish the 120-year-old structure and recast it for a vital, strategic new purpose.

New Purpose and Mission

As a state-of-the-art conference facility, Westminster Hall will provide high-quality continuing education programs for pastors, Christian educators, and other church leaders. Large and small conference rooms, informal gathering areas, and well-appointed suites will welcome guests. Students who require short- term housing for intensive periods of on-campus study in the Blended Learning Program will find hospitality here, as will participants in programs hosted by the Syngman Rhee Global Mission Center and the Katie Geneva Cannon Center for Womanist Leadership. Westminster Hall will feature the latest technology and will be fully accessible, with an elevator to the upper floors. With this transformation, continuing education students will interact daily with degree students, faculty, and staff as all Richmond campus activities will operate from the historic quadrangle.

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