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An Anonymous DonorJust for Class of 1997Vincent Lopez '97 is matching $250 per donor for gifts of $100 or higher, up to $2,500Only for the next 10 donors with donation amounts of $100 or more.

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Reunion has us all feeling reflective and grateful for this community. As we look back on the friends that were made, the lessons learned, the careers launched - it all started here, at Union College.

Students that wish to attend Union College today need more support than ever. A gift in honor of your reunion helps to meet the college’s areas of greatest need and ensure that students have the resources and flexibility to seek volunteer and internship opportunities and to deeply focus on their passions. Your donation launches these students into multiple tomorrows with the skills and confidence they need to lead. Honor your reunion by giving back to the leaders who now walk in your footsteps.

The thought of revisiting campus and reuniting with your classmates brings back memories from your time at Union College. We hope you will share those memories so we can reminisce together!

While completing your reunion gift, share your memory in the #TBT section! 

Every Thursday, we'll pick one of your memories as a Throw Back Thursday (#TBT) to share on this page and on social media. Check back each week to reflect on memories from your classmates!

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#TBT Jean Griffith Hansen '77

Favorite memories...

Being part of the Stone Boat 77 - Student Chapter ASCE Concrete Canoe team with Allison Donenfeld Nichols and others (Kirk and Kevin)(Civil Engineering)

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville
#TBT Stephen Vance Cooper '67

Favorite Memories... 

Twitty Styles was a major influence on my academic career and modeled what "stand-up-guy" really meant.

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville
#TBT Marty Weisberg '72

Favorite Memories.. 

My favorite professors were Joe Board and David Reese.
Professor Board invited me to his house one Sunday during my independent study to discuss the final paper that I was writing.. After having our fill of sovereign immunity we had our fill of some libation few . I didn't hold the drinks very well and Professor Board had to drive me back to my apartment.
I will never forget crazy Saturdays as a cheerleader at football games and having dinner with Hank Levine in London as we both spent our Junior years in England, Hank was at St, Andrews and I attended the London School of Economics
My other memories continue to this day, as Mitch Davich, Hank Levine and Lee Zehngebot have become the brothers I never had.

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville
#TBT Robert Michaelson '72

Favorite Memories...

Everything. I can't pick a favorite memory. There are so many. It was an incredible four years that shaped my life in countless ways including lifelong friendships with more than a few of my classmates. Special thanks go to Professors Joe Board and Byron Nichols for turning an immature adolescent into a critical thinker.

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville
#TBT Adamantia (Deanne) (Marthakis) Hormovitis '97

Favorite Memories...

Term abroad in Greece! We had a blast! All the countries we visited with the train and the friends we made along the way! We definitely had some fun nights in Athens and at various monuments with the guys, Jennifer Batts, Morgan Neely, Lauren Finkel, Lea Ermides, & Eleni Tsiumas (From St. Mary's College)!

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville
#TBT Vincent Lopez '97

Favorite Memories...

Aaron Greenberg aka Greenstein
Brian Bishop
Josh Knight
Jesse Laserson
Roy Mahan
Jason Marerro aka Jason Marerro
Andy Spanburg
Brandon Declet - He's no Sissy
Ben Engbrecht aka Hangman
Johnny Utah aka Rawson Thurber

Beer Pong at AD (now called paddles since beer pong has changed to throwing balls into cups)
Resenwitch, Resenwitch, Resenwitch
AOP Hip Hop Parties
Standup Comedy at Smith House and Sigma Chi
Wednesday late night at WRUC
Competitive Pinball at the College Center
Playing Arkanoid & Spy Hunter at The Rathskeller

38 days ago by Shawna Scoville

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