USNA Parachute Team Paraloft

This campaign ended on August 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to United States Naval Academy by clicking here!

The USNA Parachute Team’s parachute loft space will be more than just a room where parachutes are stored waiting to be checked out for weekend jumping.


  • It’ll be the headquarters and planning and operations center for all team activities.
  • It’ll be a classroom for daily coaching, instruction and training.
  • It’ll be a centralized, dedicated space for the safe storage, maintenance and inventory of life-saving parachute gear and ground support equipment.
  • It’ll be a secure and temperature-controlled indoor packing area away from the elements.
  • It’ll be a place for a coach to set up office for instructing, teaching and counseling.
  • It’ll be a place where the team captain and his other team leaders can set up a jump operations and planning room where all jump instructions, regulations and team, records can be within arms-reach.
  • It’ll be a place where instructors and coaches can brief and debrief each jump using the latest video technology.
  • Most importantly, it’ll be a place where midshipman jumpers will be able to drill frequently in suspended parachute harnesses to practice emergency procedures related to parachute malfunctions.


It takes no stretch of the imagination to see how much safety and proficiency will be enhanced with the improved organization that comes from a fully functioning parachute loft space where lifesaving equipment can be properly stored and maintained and where the 30-40 midshipman team members can train and practice throughout the week right on the Yard.


Any funds contributed in excess of the Parachute Loft appeal goal of $20,000 will be put toward the team’s efforts to hire a full-time professional coach, another safety-focused fundraising project being conducted through the USNA Foundation.  


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