Navy Women's Sports Exhibit

This campaign ended on June 30, 2020, but you can still make a gift to United States Naval Academy by clicking here!

The goal of this fundraising effort is to fund a unique and informative exhibit within the Physical Mission Center that celebrates and honors Navy women sports and pays tribute to all the great women athletes who attended USNA.

AND...WE HAVE A 50K MATCH!  When we hit our goal of 150K the match kicks in so we will really have 200K!!!

The Women for Navy Athletics committee was established as a Naval Academy Athletic Association (NAAA) initiative designed to engage and strengthen the connection of female Naval Academy graduates, midshipman student-athletes, families, and friends in support of the NAAA’s Physical Mission priorities.

Recently the Naval Academy celebrated 40 years of integrating women into the Brigade. On July 6, 1976, the Class of 1980 arrived on Induction Day with 81 women among the plebes. Since 1980, more than 4,600 women have graduated from the Naval Academy and have gone on to excel in their military careers and beyond. Today, women comprise more than a quarter of the Brigade.  

A nation-leading 42 percent of women at USNA compete in Division I NCAA Athletics on 15 different sports teams. 

The expansion of Ricketts Hall, that commenced in January 2018, represents one of the Naval Academy’s Physical Mission strategic priorities. With nearly 25,000 square feet of functional usage and interactive exhibit space, the center will celebrate the storied history of Navy athletics while simultaneously serving as a testament to the Naval Academy’s profound commitment to the physical development of the entire Brigade of Midshipmen. Located adjacent to Ricketts Hall, this impressive facility will present the many facets of the Physical Mission to the Academy’s more than two million annual visitors. 

The Ron Terwilliger Center for Student Athletes at Ricketts Hall has been made possible through the philanthropic leadership of Ron Terwilliger ‘63. Prestigious alumni, classes and friends of the Naval Academy are also committing to the development and construction of various areas within the Center, including the Women’s Athletics Exhibit, through generous leadership gifts 

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