Herndon Bell Monument

64% of $100,000 goal
This campaign ended on June 01, 2022, but you can still make a gift to United States Naval Academy by clicking here!

NEW GOAL - $100,000

Class of 1983, family, and friends of the Navy:

We’ve hit the initial mark; the cost of building and installing the monument housing the ship’s bell from the SS Central America (aka, the Ship of Gold), has been received!! Now we can have a little fun and offer some small recognition for those who have helped support this project. Additionally, the Class of 1983 Legacy Fund is still more than $300k short of the goal (in large part due to covid, but thankfully we’re pulling out of that now), and donations via this channel will help us out there, too.

If you have donated at least $83.00 towards the Bell Monument, we will award a coin commissioned to commemorate the installation of the monument and Class of ’83 support. An image of the coin is below The only way to get a coin is via a contribution to this specific fundraising project. Also, anyone who donates at this $83 level or higher, will have their name placed in the Special Collections and Archives held by Nimitz Library (https://libguides.usna.edu/sca). You will be noted as having contributed to the Bell Monument (under whatever official name it eventually gets). This is a pretty unique opportunity to have your name recorded along with that of the bell donor.

While the Class of ’83 is leading this effort, we welcome donations from family and interested friends. All will receive the coin and have their name recorded.

For anyone who has already donated but below the $83 threshold, simply make another donation to get your total to $83 and you’ll be included.

We look forward to your continued support as we work to support the Academy and its development of Leaders for our county.


Steve Fischer


Support this great project and receive one of these special coins!

135 days ago by Daniel Quattrini