Class of 2020 First Gift BEAT ARMY CHALLENGE!

This campaign ended on January 01, 2022, but you can still make a gift to United States Naval Academy by clicking here!

Hello Class of 2020!

Remember our First Gift Program that, along with many other things, got put on hold because of COVID?

Well, it's time to kick start this program and achieve our goal of 50% participation.  Can't think of a better time of year as we all have to rally together to BEAT ARMY! 

Please help our class by either making a one time donation or a recurring donation.  This is about participation, and we all should want to participate and give back at some level, especially given what we all went through.

Let's rally and get 250 of us to contribute before we kick Army's butt on Saturday December 11.



Hello Class of 2020!

Thank you for choosing to participate in our First Gift Campaign.  We were all the benefactors of generous gifts from Alumni while here at USNA.  It is now our responsibility to "pay it forward" to ensure those that come after us have the same great opportunities as we did.

Please join your class leadership team in pledging a small amount of money each month so we are in a position in 2030 to present our first gift to the Academy at our 10th year reunion.

Our goal is simple: 50% participation.  We need at least half the class (590 of us) to chip in, but knowing our class the way I do, we will crush this thing and blow by the 50% goal.

Please help us surpass our goal.


Mike Smith, Class President

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Hitoshi Oue
Patrick N Simons
Reagan Reitmeier
Kathryn T MacPherson
Joseph E Merkel
Ian, J, Caddow
Jordan, R, Packer
Luca C Bielenda
Edmund, J, Valdez
Christopher D. Jellen
Anthony G Iannacone
Jason Allen Henry
Marie A Jendrysik
Walker Russell
Ford Higgins
Wilton J Farmwald
Clayton, B, Kendrick-Holmes
Bailey Proulx
Joshua W Thompson
Johnson, K, Joshua
Morgan Frazier
Laura A Cutler
Ruth Krueskamp
Mitchell, D, Turpin
Willem H. Fujimura
Sal Ciolino
Grace McNeela
Connor M Mannion
John M Hanling
James Averette
Zach Willford
Timothy, J, Salu
Michael Adzima
Sion Harrington
Grant, J, Birindelli
Brendan Finn

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