Class of 2020 First Gift

This campaign ended on May 22, 2020, but you can still make a gift to United States Naval Academy by clicking here!

Hello Class of 2020!

Thank you for choosing to participate in our First Gift Campaign.  We were all the benefactors of generous gifts from Alumni while here at USNA.  It is now our responsibility to "pay it forward" to ensure those that come after us have the same great opportunities as we did.

Please join your class leadership team in pledging a small amount of money each month so we are in a position in 2030 to present our first gift to the Academy at our 10th year reunion.

Our goal is simple: 50% participation.  We need at least half the class (590 of us) to chip in, but knowing our class the way I do, we will crush this thing and blow by the 50% goal.

Please help us surpass our goal.


Mike Smith, Class President

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25% Alumni

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69% Students

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Cierra, J, Germann
Jesse, DeVries
Patrick N Simons
Sal Ciolino
Robert Durham
Nolan, A, Kreipe
Grace West
Michael Smith
Daniel Quattrini

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