Class of 2018 Senior Campaign

This campaign ended on May 14, 2018, but you can still make a gift to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by clicking here!

Alright, Class of 2018!  It's time to give back to ANY Carolina school, department, student organization or scholarship that is meaningful to you.

Help us reach the highest participation rate of ANY graduating class at Carolina. We hope you realize how valuable your gift is - no matter the size. 

Donor affiliations

98% Students

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3% Alumni

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1% Parents

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1% Friends

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Donor list

Madison D Knowles
Tricia, A, Belk
Valerie Lansdale
Kelsey Brookreson
Cody Blanton
George Akpele
Nikki Luviano
Rebecca B Richardson
Abbey S. Rogers
Micah Stubbs photoMicah Stubbs
Sissy Rodriguez photoSissy Rodriguez
Erica L. Sickelbaugh
Austin, T, Morrel
Luke, B, Morrel
Caeli Morgan Harr
Cullen L G Davidson IV
Adrianna, Lopaczynski
Kathryn R Guild
Desirae D. Fewell
Luke Haynes
Jamie, A, Rose
Raleigh Armstrong
Kensey G Davidson
Isabella Zuco
Hannah Kraut
Cameron C Gilchrist
Navi Singh
Carli P Berasi
Claire C Leadbetter
Austin Clinger
Julia B Thompson
Lidia Davis
Lauren Daly
Katelynn Monds photoKatelynn Monds
Blake E. Mauro
Jarratt A Edwards
Alexander magee
Anna Leigh Fuller

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Seniors who provide a contribution of $10 or more will receive a Class of 2018 decal.

DONATE $20.18

Seniors who contribute at least $20.18 will receive a Tar Heel lapel pin to wear at graduation and a Class of 2018 decal. Seniors who donate at least $20.18 and also join the GAA will be eligible for a Bell Tower Climb Fast Pass!