Battle of the Blues 2019

This campaign ended on March 12, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by clicking here!

8 points in 17 seconds. March 2, 1974. 

Stack’s Dunk. February 2, 1995

Greg Paulus? Meet Danny Green. March 8, 2008.

Carolina vs. Duke is defined by great moments. From now until March 11, 2019 – we’re asking you to be part of another. We’re teaming up against Duke Law for a 3L Class Gift competition to see which school can get the highest participation among 3Ls. There are some serious bragging rights on the line.

We also have a goal of 100 total donors by the end of Battle of the Blues!

A gift to the 3L Class Gift Endowment Fund is a great way to leave a legacy and to give back to the place that has given us so much. 

The 3L Class Gift Endowment Fund was started by the graduating class of 2015. Since that year, each 3L class votes to decide what they would like the payout from that fund (5% determined during the summer) to go towards, from the following options:

  • Summer Public Interest Grants
  • Student Scholarships
  • Carolina Law's Unrestricted Funds

Our goal is for the fund to reach $1,000,000 by 2030 – which would mean each graduating class would have about $50,000 to support one of the above worthy causes!



Donor affiliations

3% Alumni

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35% Students

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2% Faculty/Staff

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Donor list

Sean Whelehan
Lydia Butts
James G. McLeod
Henry S. Zaytoun
Veronica Barkley
Garrison White
Sarah J. F. Anderson
Martin H. Brinkley photoMartin H. Brinkley
Sabrina M Galli
Chelsea L. Kim
Sara M Farnsworth
Ryan Nichols
Matthew R Hinson
Jordan L. Bernstein
Braxton H Reyna
Sean Bickford
Devin Gustafson
Josh Stephens
Phillip J Pullen
Mark G Gibson
Gavin D Kim
Rachel C. Kokenes
Michael J Hutcherson
Lindsay Frazier
Jonathan Zator
Jacqueline K Chang
Sabrina Heck
Katie Clarke
Justin J Knapp
Lashieka Hardin
Michael D. Baglino
Christy Coates
Donald R. Von Hagen
Paul Brown
Kelly, M, Mann
Nicholas Haigh
Christopher R Bagley
Kelsey E. Hendrickson

No Matches
Martin H. Brinkley photoMartin H. Brinkley gave $5,000 because 14 donors made a gift in 3 days.
DONATE $20.19

UNC Law 3Ls who donate $20.19 will be invited to attend the Reunion BBQ during Reunion Weekend and receive a 3L Class T-shirt.


3Ls who make a Leadership gift of $250 will be invited to the 3L Leadership Donor Dinner on April 4th.