Trinity Giving Day 2022

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This campaign ended on April 18, 2022, but you can still make a gift to Trinity College by clicking here!
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Building Together: Bantams Supporting Bantams

Many thanks to the Trinity community for the outpouring of support for Giving Day! As you know, we paused our outreach efforts last week. Because we are so close to the goal and so many of you still want to be a part of the effort, our Challengers would like us to keep the Giving Day counter open through Monday evening. The goal is to get as many Bantams supporting Bantams as we can inspire. Thank you for supporting Giving Day! 

Trinity Giving Day is Tuesday, April 12, 2022. This year, your generosity builds on that of others in the Trinity community—alumni, families, and friends—to connect today’s Bantams to a transformative education. Our goal is to secure 2,000 donors and milestones along the way release funds for Trinity students. By the time we reach the goal, we’ll have released a total of $500,000!

That’s where you come in—your gift is essential. Help us exceed our goal by making your Giving Day gift today and showing that you are #AllinforTrin. All gifts made between on April 4 through April 14 are counted toward our Giving Day goal.

How can you help?

  • Make your gift and share on social media using #AllinforTrin.
  • Get your friends to give! Become an advocate by clicking the "Advocates" tab above. 
  • Share your Trinity pride by recording a video that shares why you support your fellow Bantams. 


What counts for Trinity Giving Day?

Gifts to any purpose at the college received between April 4, 2021 and April 14, 2022 count toward the Giving Day goal of 2,000 donors. 

That said, there are two funds that provide critical support as our students work to make their dreams reality: the Trinity College Fund and the Financial Aid Fund. Though gifts to any area of the college count toward the challenge, these two funds provide immediate support toward Trinity’s greatest needs.

If you would like to make a gift to multiple designations, please click the “Add Additional Designation” button on our online giving form. 

What forms of donations are accepted?

If you prefer to give by credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover) or through PayPal/Venmo, you may do so via our online giving form at any time during the Giving Day campaign.

If you would prefer to pay by check, please mail your donation to:

Advancement Office
Trinity College 
300 Summit Street
Hartford, CT 06106-3100

Checks should be made payable to the Trustees of Trinity College. For information on other ways to make your gift, please visit Ways to Give.

Are the gifts tax-deductible?

All donations are tax deductible and irrevocable and will support Trinity College.

Do I receive a tax receipt from Trinity?

Yes, donors will receive an email confirmation for their online gift, which is also their tax receipt. Those who give by check will receive their tax receipt in the mail.

How can you help?

  • Make your gift and share on social media using #AllinforTrin.
  • Get your friends to give! Become an advocate by clicking the "Advocates" tab on our Giving Day website.
  • Share your Trinity pride by recording a video that shares why you support your fellow Bantams.

If I need help, who can I contact?

If you need help or have questions, please contact Sami Ashton at 860-297-5321 or If it is after regular business hours, please call our secure gift line at 800-771-6184. 

Meet the Challengers: Jim Cuminale '75, P'09, Bill Cunningham '87, P'19, '21, and Kathleen MacLennan P'17, '20

We’re in the final challenge, striving to unlock $250,000 for Trinity students. Our challengers are proud to support today’s Bantams—here’s why:

Jim Cuminale ’75, P’09

My relationship with Trinity College has enriched my life. Since I first set foot on campus, I’ve been a student, an alum, a volunteer, the parent of a student, a mentor, and a Trustee, forging connections along the way that have deepened my appreciation for the college. I’m proud to join the Giving Day effort this year as a Challenger, to help others build their own meaningful Trinity relationships.

Bill Cunningham ’87, P’19, ’21

I give because Trinity College gave me a chance. Like many other students, financial aid made my years at Trinity possible. My professors and coaches helped me learn and grow and prepared me to succeed. Today, I’m fortunate to be able to give other students the chance to attend the college and make the most of their time ‘neath the elms. I feel that Trinity is a big reason I’m in a position to help and I’m proud to be able to support my alma mater thought my philanthropy and through my service as a Trustee.

Kathleen Foye MacLennan P’17, ’20

For me, Trinity is family. It began with my brother, who graduated in 1979, and continued with my daughters, nieces, and nephews. So I know that once you become a Bantam, you’re always a Bantam. That is true for Trinity parents as well as their students. I give so that we can build our Trinity family, now and in the future.

344 days ago by Liz Patterson
Meet the Challengers: N. Louis Shipley ’85 and Giovanna and Brian Miller P’25

We’re almost there! More than 1,600 alumni, families, and friends have joined the Giving Day challenge. Because of that, N. Louis Shipley ’85 and Giovanna and Brian Miller P’25 are giving $100,000 for Trinity students. That means we’ve unlocked $250,000 so far!

Here, N. Louis Shipley ’85 shares why investing in Trinity means so much to him:

I believe education is the great equalizer and has the power to transform lives. I know this is to be true, because of the way my Trinity experience shaped my life and set me on my path. I believe fiercely that a Trinity education gives students the talent and ability to thrive in a rapidly changing work force. That is why I continue to invest in the college and give back in support of today’s Bantams.

Giovanna and Brian Miller P’25 are proud to be a part of the Bantam family—here’s why:

Our son Michael ’25 arrived at Trinity last fall and we’ve already seen the impact the college has had on him. As a Bantam, he’s able to pursue his passions academically while his membership on the squash team enriches his experience.  We know that Trinity’s professors, coaches, and staff are there to support him in every way and we know that our gift helps strengthen that network of support for our son and for every Trinity student.

345 days ago by Liz Patterson
Meet the Challengers: Andy Forrester ’61 and Ashley and Casey Tischer '01

The momentum is building! 1,200 Bantams have made a gift for Giving Day, which means Andy Forrester ’61 and Ashley and Casey Tischer '01 are doing their part by giving $75,000 for Trinity students. That’s $150,000 so far!

Here, Andy Forrester ’61 shares why he gives:

My connection to Trinity began with my father, an alum of the Class of 1927, who encouraged me to attend the college and strive for excellence. As an alum, I forged new connections by volunteering my time and sharing my expertise, as well as through my philanthropy. I’ve seen the impact my support has had on students over the years and I’ve been inspired by their stories and accomplishments. As a strong, steady donor, I’ve been able to honor my connections to my alma mater while building Trinity’s future.

And Casey Tischer ’01 shares why he and his wife Ashley are proud to support Trinity:

To me, Trinity College created opportunity and the ability to explore new bounds on the academic, athletic, and relationship building fronts. I was able to balance my academics and athletics, and expand my horizons through internships and study away. Thanks to Trinity, I’ve found success in my career, relationships, and most importantly, with my family and as such, my wife Ashley and I are pleased to be able to give back. We know our support will help students gain the same kinds of opportunities I had, enabling them to pursue their dreams.

346 days ago by Liz Patterson
Meet the Challengers: Lisa Alvarez-Calderón ´88

800 alumni, families, and friends made a gift for Giving Day! In response, challenger Lisa Alvarez-Calderón ´88 is giving $50,000 for Trinity students. Here, she shares why she gives: 

Like many other alums, I found my professional path as a student at Trinity, thanks to a summer internship in Human Resources. That was the start of a career that has literally taken me and my family around the world. I’ve always been able to keep Trinity close by volunteering and through my philanthropy. I’m proud to support Trinity and help other students find their calling, like I did.

346 days ago by Liz Patterson
Meet the Challengers: Andrew and Amy DeWitt P'24

Because 400 alumni, families, and friends made a gift for Giving Day, challengers Andrew and Amy DeWitt P'24 are giving $25,000 for Trinity students. Here, they share why they give:

We’re proud to challenge the Trinity community to join us in giving because we see the impact our gift has on all students and their unparalleled Trinity experience. Our son Egan’s classes inspire his creativity and curiosity. We are delighted with the way he is learning not just facts, but to think critically and fully engage with his studies, the community, and the world.

347 days ago by Liz Patterson
Bantams Supporting Bantams

We have always been, and continue to be, a community of Bantams supporting Bantams. This past week, we saw how important this support can be and what it means when students, faculty, staff, families, and alums come together to comfort one another. President Joanne Berger-Sweeney wrote that she saw a “deep sense of caring” across the campus community and we see it in our community of alumni and families as well.

Giving Day is an annual tradition of community support for the college that we postponed from last week in light of what happened on campus. Many in our extensive Trinity family want to show their support for today’s Bantams and Giving Day is a great way to do so.

351 days ago by Liz Patterson

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