Sofia Guerrero: Boston

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My name is Sofia Guerrero and I am a senior Education major at Trevecca. I was born in Mexico City, Mexico but currently live in Hermitage, Tennessee. When I first came to Trevecca I had heard about the TAG trips that Trevecca offers but was really nervous whether to apply or not. The first time I was a part of a TAG trip was just recently during Fall Break. A group of 10 students and myself traveled to Orange, Texas to provide Hurricane relief for a local Nazarene church and its members. I had never been on a TAG trip before and this experience completely changed the way I see things. Many times we tend to disregard the simple necessities God provides for us like shelter, food, water, clothing, etc. Throughout this trip, I was able to see many people - rich, poor, young and old - become greatly affected by hurricane Harvey and  many even lost everything. It was such an eye-opening trip for me that I would like to do more of what God has called us to do which is to serve others. During Spring Break, I will have the opportunity to visit Boston, Massachusetts to continue the conversation on what the church's response is to human trafficking. Although this will not be a trip of physical work like the one I took to Texas, I will be doing God's work just the same. I am really excited as I already know that God is preparing me to see and do things that will push me out of my comfort zone. I know God has a plan for each student going on this trip, as well as those we meet in Boston. God always has a plan, we just have to be willing to be his hands and feet. 

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