Affiliates Benefit 2022

104% of $130,000 goal
This campaign ended on March 31, 2022, but you can still make a gift to The Webb Schools by clicking here!

Join The Affiliates of The Webb Schools for the return of our signature parent event.

The evening will be filled with great food, friends, and entertainment!

Friday, April 1, 2022 

The Webb Schools 

Centennial Field 

6:00 pm – 8:30 pm 

Cocktails, dinner, dessert, paddle raise and entertainment! 

Casual attire 

This event will be outdoors on the lawn, please choose your attire and footwear accordingly.

RSVP by March 18 using the Give Now button . 

Event Co-Chairs: Linda Metz P ’22 & ’25; Barry and Jennifer Oglesby P ’23 

Webb 100: Think, Act, Lead, Give! 

The goal for Webb 100: Think, Act, Lead, Give is to raise money in support of The Affiliates Fund for Academic Program Enhancements and Innovative Teaching Tools. With support from the Affiliates Benefit, Webb faculty can enhance their already unbounded classroom teaching, continue to advance student research and form course-deepening partnerships beyond Webb's campus home. Proceeds from The Affiliates Benefit contribute directly to Webb's distinctive programming seen throughout campus from the Alf Museum and the Robotics Team, to performing arts and science labs, just to name a few.

Sponsorship Opportunities 

Patron $10,000 

Exclusive VIP table seating for eight 

Premier Sponsor Gift 

Membership in Head’s Circle Society* 

Recognition at event and on website 

Platinum $5,000

VIP table seating for eight 

Premier Sponsor Gift 

Membership in Leadership Society at Founders Level* 

Recognition at event and on website 

Gold $2,500

VIP table seating for six 

Deluxe Sponsor Gift

Membership in Leadership Society at Friends Level* 

Recognition at event and on website 

Silver $1,000 

VIP seating for four 

Sponsor Gift 

Recognition at event and on website 

Bronze $500

VIP seating for two 

Sponsor Gift 

Recognition at event and on website 

For additional information, please contact Jennifer Liu ’05, director of parent relations at (909) 482-5245 or, or Peter Gilman, director of The Webb Fund at (909) 482-5288 or

Many thanks to our confirmed sponsors!

Patron Sponsors 



Platinum Sponsors


Mr. & Mrs. Bingfeng Hu P '20, '23

Mr. Xin Huang & Mrs. Yu Shi P '24

Mr. Rongjian Qiao & Ms. Xiuping Cao P '25

Mr. Yong Cao & Mrs. Weihua Shi P '23

Mr. & Mrs. Jon B. Becker P '20, '24

Mr. Bayi Hu & Mrs. Wenfang Zuo P '23

Mr. & Mrs. Dana Messina P '23 

Mr. Brent Lee & Ms. Jinhyun Ann P '18, '24

Gold Sponsors


Mr. Guohua Liu & Mrs. Rebecca Wang P '23

Mr. Zhijian Liu & Ms. Chun Yao P '25

Mr. Minghua Huang & Ms. Lijuan Le P '22, '24

Dr. Stewart Wang & Mrs. Ruth Yang P '20, '23

Mr. Hanrong Qiu & Mrs. Yin Karon Li P '24

The Berg Family P '25

Mr. Jaebum Lee & Dr. Chiyoon Kim P '24

Mr. Guangming Tan & Ms. Rong Huang P '24

Mr. Jiaming Sun & Ms. Yi Yang P '25

Mrs. Julia Falk '90 & Mr. Alex Falk P '25

Mr. Yanhua Yang & Mrs. Yan Li P '24

Mr. Yanbing Hou & Ms. Qianlan Xiao P '25

Silver Sponsors



Dr. & Mrs. William Baek P '23

Dr. & Mrs. Eric Weigand P '20, '23

Mr. Zhuyi Tang & Mrs. Mei Zhao P '24

Mr. Jianming Peng & Ms. Hongling Wu P '24

Mr. Lan Chen & Mrs. Feifei Gu P '24

Mr. & Mrs. Anil Kaushal P '24

Mr. Jun Hou & Ms. Linda Zhang P '24

Mr. & Mrs. Gang Li P '24

Mr. & Mrs. John Metz P '22, '25

Mr. & Ms. Tony C. Kan P '22, '24

Mr. Chaeho Chang & Mrs. Eunkyoung Park P '23

Mr. Roger Ma & Ms. Alice Wong P ‘24

Mr. & Mrs. Zhenhong Lin P ’15, ‘24

Dr. & Mrs. Lawrence B. Kong P '15, '18, '22

Bronze Sponsors




Mr. Peter Ong & Mrs. Elaine Ng P '24

Dr. & Mrs. Weiguo Li P '21, '22

Mr. & Mrs. Thomas L. Gooch P '22

Mr. Robert & Mrs. Kristen Fass P '23

Mr. Yim Daniel Lau & Ms. Xiubo Cheung P '22

Dr. Janel Henriksen Hastings '87 & Mr. Glen Hastings P '22, '25

Dr. M. Rahmi Mowjood '90 & Mrs. Hafsa Nowfel Mowjood

Mr. & Mrs. Ramzi Rabadi P '24

Mr. Hongtian Tang & Ms. Peiyu Wang P '25

Mr. Panqiao Xu & Mrs. Jing Cheng P '25

Mr. Charles Shi & Mrs. Annie Yuan P '25

Dr. James Lilley & Dr. Yi Zhang-Lilley P '19, '22

Ms. Elizabeth Smith '92 & Mr. Patrick Smith P '25

Dr. Haiqing Li & Ms. Song Yang P '25

Mr. Pengyu Zhu & Mrs. Difei Peng P '25

Mr. Weiqi Lu & Ms. Qingqiu Zhu P '25

Dr. & Mrs. Michael Chai P '17, '19, '22, '23

Dr. & Mrs. Gyu Chin P '23, '25

Mr. & Mrs. Guijin Wang P ‘24

Mr. & Mrs. Hector Vargas P '25

Dr. & Mrs. Phil Ra P '23

Mr. Gao Rong Xiao & Mrs. Lily Feng P '21, '25

Dr. & Mrs. Sang Paik P '14, '16, '19, '22, '25

Mr. & Mrs. Dieter Dammeier P '25

Mr. Wei Huang & Mrs. Hong Zeng P '18, '23

Please note that this sponsor list is current as of 3:00 pm on Thursday, March 31. If you made a gift after that time, thank you for your support!

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