Tar Heel Olympic Challenge

This campaign ended on August 22, 2016, but you can still make a gift to The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill by clicking here!

The 2016 Summer Olympics are here! We're excited to cheer on America and our #OlympicHeels at this year's games in Rio. Help us celebrate both the legacy of our past Olympians and the incredible performances that are sure to come from this year's team. 

We're challenging all Tar Heels to help Carolina obtain 2,403 donors by August 22 - the last day of the summer games - in honor of the 2,403 Summer Olympic medals won by the United States. That's right, #GoHeelsGoAmerica!

We'll do this by painting the USA Carolina blue! Our goal is to receive gifts from Tar Heels in every state. Encourage your friends from across the country to become advocates and give back. 

For questions or additional information please send an email to annualgiving@unc.edu or call (919) 962-3966.

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
2014 3$70
2012 3$50
1999 2$250
1991 2$150
2013 2$30
1998 2$50
2004 1$50
1984 1$25
1993 1$50
2016 1$10
1972 1$50
1990 1$500
2005 1$10
2015 1$25
1994 1$25
1973 1$25
1989 1$100
2020 1$10
2011 1$10
2007 1$25
1997 1$20

Donor affiliations

2% Alumni

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1% Students

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1% Parents

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1% Faculty/Staff

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1% Friends

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Donor list

Kerri Revoir
Kerri Revoir
Rebecca Bramlett
maria broussard
Keenya Little
Anna Castillo Barbour
Michael Leighs
Gentry and Duane Barrett
Cindy Reilly
John Lowry Kennedy
Shelley Clayton
Natalie Peterson photoNatalie Peterson
Lauren Moore
Fred Matt
Rhonda Lowe
Gwen Barlow photoGwen Barlow
Wooten "Warner" Underwood
Emily Urquhart
Frances S Harper
Hilary Linder
Joshua Garcia
Kirstie Castaneira
Diana Lys photoDiana Lys
Xiaohong Yang
Gay Finkelman photoGay Finkelman
Betty Bobbitt Lee Byrne
Joseph R. Warfel
James Elder
Chap and Sallie Jo Mitzell
Paula J Koszela
Susie Smith
Udanda Clark
Trish Bunn
Liz Goslin
Chelsey Manning Phelps photoChelsey Manning Phelps
Elizabeth McCubbin
Russ and Melissa O'Buch
Nicholas Fulton
Emily Smith

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Only 50 left!

For every advocate that helps UNC obtain 10 donors to our #OlympicHeels Campaign, you'll receive a patriotic Carolina tee!