DTH: The Next 125 Years

This campaign ends on March 27 at 12:00AM EDT

Since 1893, the Daily Tar Heel has told the stories of our students and community members. It has upheld truth and integrity, and it’s done it the Carolina way - by giving students a platform to express themselves.

We know print media is under threat. As we look to a future of change and reinvention, we know we can’t do it without supporting our journalists, photographers, and graphic designers.

We want to continue to be a laboratory - a place for our newsroom to experiment, discover, and be at the cutting-edge of media. We want to continue to give our journalists the best exposure, and help them set the standard for ethical and impactful journalism.

It costs us $4,000 to provide support, workspace, training, and a platform to one budding student journalist for one year. Your donation will give student journalists a chance to learn.

We’re asking you to be a part of our commitment to journalistic freedom and student leadership for the next 125 years. Help us invest in the future of journalism by investing in our student journalists of today. 

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1981 3$1,850
1964 2$1,250
1983 6$1,200
2000 8$1,195
1994 3$1,175
1986 3$1,000
1999 6$825
2012 5$800
1990 3$775
2001 5$600
1985 5$550
1957 1$500
1965 1$500
1996 1$500
2015 7$475
2003 5$450
1979 4$434
1998 3$400
1982 4$385
2014 2$375
1995 3$300
2010 1$250
2005 2$250
1984 3$250
1993 2$250
1980 2$225
2017 8$202
2013 2$150
2006 2$144
2008 1$125
1987 1$125
2004 1$125
1992 1$125
1997 1$125
2002 2$100
2011 1$100
1970 1$100
2019 2$50
2016 3$50
2018 2$30
1972 1$25
1975 1$25
2009 1$20

Donor affiliations

89% Alumni

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5% Students

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5% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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Donor list
Randall Jones
Johnny Andrews
Brad Oaks
Sarah Brown
Ian Palmquist
Joseph Frierson III
Robyn TomlinPicture?height=150&width=150
Stacey Isaacs
Alexandra Bell
Julia Kuhn
Keisha Y. Burnette
Kathleen Hunter
Lisa LindsayPicture?height=150&width=150
Anne Raugh Keene
Halle Sinnott
Anna B. Tate
Katy Wurth Bartlett
Bradley R. Kutrow
Elizabeth M. Chenard
Trisha L Mowbray
Jonathan B. Cox
April Bethea
Tom and Ashley Ausman
Evan Markfield
Shelley LevinePicture?height=150&width=150
Whitney A. Moore
Mary-Kathryn Craft
Kurt Tondorf
Laura Blair
Robert D. Nelson
Courtney Jones Mitchell
Andrew Hunt
Lee Pace
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