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This campaign ended on May 01, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Pike School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorMuddy Waters matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $500Just for Parents of Alum

An Anonymous DonorWynwood Associates matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $2,500

An Anonymous DonorEnterprise Bank matched $200 for each donor, donating a total of $4,000Just for Alumni

Karen Flanagan photoKaren & Sean Flanagan matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,000Just for Class of 2019

An Anonymous DonorCafua Management Company matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,000

An Anonymous DonorBento matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,000

An Anonymous DonorGiving Day Sponsors matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $5,250
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An Anonymous DonorFirdaus Bhathena gave $500 because $500 was given by donors

An Anonymous DonorBento gave $5,000 because 100 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorDahod/Dohadwala/Vajihi Families gave $5,000 because 300 donors gave

An Anonymous DonorBoard of Trustees gave $16,000 because 200 donors gave

One day. 200 gifts. Big impact

April 30 will be The Pike School's second ever Giving Day! 

This day-long celebration of Pike, the power of positive thinking, and philanthropy has an ambitious goal: 200 gifts in one day - double our goal from last year!

We hope you will join us on April 30 by making a gift, and thanks to our generous Board and Sponsors, we will have several exciting matches and challenges throughout the day. 

That means your gift, of any size, can have an even bigger impact on Pike!

Join us on April 30 to help power Pike with your support on Giving Day!

Pike Giving Day 2019 Resuts

1787 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
You Did It!

Hello, Pike Community,

Something amazing happened at The Pike School today. Members of our community, from parents to alums, from grandparents to students, from past parents to friends, came together in a day of generosity, philanthropy, and just-plain-fun. And the results were tremendous.

As I write this, our #PikeGivingDay2019 campaign has reached 320 gifts, far surpassing our 200-gift goal. These gifts came as matches and challenges, sponsors and pledges. They came as tens, hundred, thousands of dollars, or even pocket change. And every gift will help strengthen our school, expand our programs, and power Pike into the future.

This day would not have been possible without you. The energy, enthusiasm and dedication our community showed today was truly inspiring. I thank you for your support, I thank you for your gifts, and I thank you for powering Pike.

With gratitude,

John "Muddy" Waters
Head of School

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Bring it Home Match from Wynwood Associates

Giving Day sponsor Wynwood Associates is ready to help us bring it all home with a generous $2500 dollar-for-dollar match. Please give now, and THANK YOU to Wynwood for helping us close out our Giving Day efforts!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Sponsor Spotlights

Here at Pike, we love to share the love! So here is some more spotlights of our amazing sponsors!

Charles Construction is in the house (because they helped build it).  Thank you for your work in remodeling our cafeteria, PreK, and FLEX spaces, and for being matching sponsors of #PikeGivingDay2019.

#PikeGivingDay2019 is going places thanks to matching sponsors Tewksbury Transit!  We love the way they get our students to sport and field trip destinations safely and on time (and the way they stepped up quickly to join the Giving Day sponsor team.)

#PikeGivingDay2019 is a community-wide event, so it just makes sense that the Office of Community Life is a sponsor again this year.  Thank you, Michael, Sharon, and Shaun for your support and efforts on behalf of Pike!

We love our #PikeGivingDay2019 sponsor Aequitas Investment Advisors.  They have the challenging job of managing our school’s endowment, and they bring expertise, market savvy, and great customer service to their work every day.  Thank you, Aequitas!

#PikeGivingDay2019 is cooking with gas, and we have Eastern Propane to thank!  Kudos to Eastern Propane for sponsoring this day and offering a match. Go Pike!

We couldn't do it without their help, so THANK YOU SPONSORS!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
One last cartwheel for Pre-K!

Generous Pre-K families have kept Mrs. Munroe on her toes all day. Can she possibly have the energy for ONE MORE CARTWHEEL???

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Special message from our Sponsor - Bento!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Don't Miss Out! Giving Day IS NOT over yet!!!

Hello, Pike Community,

#PikeGivingDay2019 is surpassing all expectations. We've met our goal of 200 gifts in one day.
As we have been tracking those gifts, the enthusiasm in the school among the teachers and staff, our volunteers, and our parents is palpable. Our students, who are celebrating a Pike Spirit Day, are excited to be a part of the overall community vibe. The online atmosphere is equally charged with positive energy.
In typical Pike fashion, however, we are not resting on our laurels.
Thanks to a generous challenge by the Dahod/Dohadwala/Vajihi Family, if we get to 300 gifts, The Pike School will unlock an additional $5,000!
Help us see how far we can go. Together.  Follow our progress, and make your gift today!

Let's make history!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Sponsor Spotlights

We are fortunate to have an amazing and committed group of sponsors helping us to power Pike today! Our Giving Day sponsors have provided matching and challenge funds, and at Pike we love to make a fuss when good people do a good thing. So join us for some Sponsor Spotlights!

Thank you to our awesome Parents Association for being sponsors of #PikeGivingDay2019!  They’re great partners in the Pike community, and we couldn’t be happier to have their support!  Thank you, Jenn and team!

We’re so thrilled to have The Print House as a sponsor of Giving Day! Print House helps Pike look great with their quality printing (Giving Day postcard, anyone?).  Thank you to Paul and his team for helping Pike reach our goals today.

As matching sponsors, Fred C. Church Insurance is insuring our success of #PikeGivingDay2019!  They’ve been long-time supporters of Pike, and we’re so glad to have their continued help with our school’s insurance.

Mike McCullom and his team at Custom Benefit Group stepped up again this year to as sponsors of #PikeGivingDay2019 – Pike faculty and staff rely on them to keep our health costs under control and our benefits strong.  Thank you, Custom Benefit Group, for being all you do for Pike.

Thank you to all of these amazing sponsors, and stay tuned this afternoon for more Sponsor Spotlights!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
More cartwheels for Pre-K

Mrs. Munroe squeezed in a cartwheel before lunch to say THANK YOU to another generous Pre-K donor!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons

Because of you, we reached 150 gifts, and Mr. Viani had a close encounter with a coconut creme pie! Please enjoy the soon-to-be-infamous pie-in-the-face video!

Happy Giving Day!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Happy Giving Day from Grade 7 and some famous faces!

We have some pretty famous folks here to celebrate #PikeGivingDay2019! Grade 7 students are joined by Muhammad Ali, Jane Goodall, Gandhi, Emma Watson and more to wish you a Happy Giving Day!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
More cartwheels for Pre-K

The Pre-K gifts keep coming in, so Mrs. Munroe is at it again. This time she's cartwheeling in the Library!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Special Challenge for Parents of Alums!

Head of School, Muddy Waters, has generously offered to match gifts from Parents of Alums, dollar-for-dollar, up to $500.00! 

Thank you Mr. Waters for helping us to POWER PIKE!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
What does philanthropy mean to our Kindergartners?

Part of our mission at The Pike School is to prepare our students to be responsible citizens, so it's no surprise that in advance of Giving Day, the Kindergarten team took the opportunity to talk about philanthropy with their classes. They asked the kids what they could do to be philanthropic, and their answers are thoughtful, fantastic and spot on! 

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Half - Way There Challenge from Bento!

We are thrilled to announce that we have fulfilled our Half-Way There Challenge! Because of your support we have unlocked an additional $5,000 gift from our generous friends at Bento!

THANK YOU BENTO for supporting Pike Giving Day in such an amazing way!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Cartwheels for Pre-K

Mrs. Munroe is cartwheeling all over The Pike School in celebration of the many Pre-K gifts!

GO PRE-K and thank you for helping to power Pike!

1809 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
150 Gifts get you a Pie in the Face!

Well, in Mr. Viani's face that is! He has issued a challenge you don't want to miss! 

If we can make it to 150 donors by 3:00 pm... Head of Lower School, Ms. Heyd, will get to smash a pie in Mr. Viani's face... and we will get it ALL ON VIDEO! 

Make your gift now, and we'll start shopping for a pie!

1810 days ago by Donna Richards
Half - Way There Challenge from Bento!

Our friends at Bento are pretty impressed with the Giving Day momentum at Pike. They're offering an additional $5,000 Challenge Gift when we reach 100 donors! 

Thank you to Bento for being such a generous sponsor, and let's POWER PIKE!

1810 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Match from Cafua Management Company Fulfilled!

The $5,000 dollar-for-dollar match offered by Cafua Management Company has been fulfilled in record time! It took fewer than 2 hours for Pike donors, from current parents to past parents to alumni, to fulfill the match. 

Thanks to generous Pike sponsor, Cafua Management Company, $5,000 of gifts will be matched! 

Thank you for working together to Power Pike!

1810 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Get an early start on Giving Day with a generous match from Cafua Management Company!

Want to get an early start on Giving Day? Well, you're in luck! Cafua Management Company, one of our Lead Sponsors, will match the next $5,000 in early gifts to #PikeGivingDay2019! 

Cafua Management Company are longtime supporters of The Pike School and we are so grateful to have them as Giving Day sponsors! 

1810 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
Special Incentive for Pre-K Families!

Cartwheels for Pre-K! 

Mrs. Munroe is getting into the Giving Day spirit and has pledged to do one cartwheel for each gift we receive from a Pre-K family on Giving Day. 

(And don't worry - she'll start the day with two cartwheels for the two Pre-K donations we've already received.)

So join in the fun, Pre-K families, and let's give Mrs. Munroe a workout!

1810 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
$5,000 Early Access Match from Bento Fulfilled!

WOW! You got into powering Pike in a hurry! The $5,000 Early Access Match that was generously offered by our sponsor, Bento, has just been fulfilled! 

THANK YOU to Bento for offering such a generous match,  THANK YOU to the donors who helped us reach this milestone, and STAY TUNED because we have lots more matches, challenges and incentives coming on Giving Day. 

1813 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons
$5000 Early Access Match from Bento!

Thanks to our generous sponsor, Bento, all Early Access gifts will be matched, dollar-for-dollar, up to $5,000! 

That means the gift you give today will go twice as far to Power Pike!

1820 days ago by Elizabeth Fitzsimons

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Grade 740$10,230
Grade 835$20,363
Grade 225$15,488
Grade 525$8,225
Grade 421$19,184
Grade 321$8,853
Grade 116$2,863
Grade 93$119
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