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This campaign ends on December 1 at 12:01AM EST

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At The New School, we are always focused on improving the quality and caliber of the education we provide. This pursuit is made clear in the provocation that is our name - The New School - which challenges us to always look to the horizon as we explore ways to make education, research, and creative practice better and more accessible. 

Our goal is to produce a generation of leaders who, as they leave us and go into the world as alumni, are agents of the new. They push boundaries and refuse to accept the status quo. 

With your Giving Tuesday contribution, you demonstrate your support of this goal and of our scholars. You will immediately impact student-facing efforts, including scholarships and fellowships, internship support and accessibility, health and wellness, and emergency needs. Direct your gift to the school or program of your choice, or university-wide efforts through the Annual Fund for The New School and the Student Emergency Fund.

When you give, you become part of our community of supporters who voice their belief in our mission and values and help ensure we are always striving to improve and live up to our name.

Thank you for supporting us and participating in The New School’s community on Giving Tuesday and throughout the year.

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