The Race for Reunion Challenge Cups

This campaign ended on April 27, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The Madeira School by clicking here!

Show your class spirit in The Race for Reunion Challenge Cups!

There are two Madeira Fund Challenge Cups presented at Reunion Weekend

The Festina Lente Cup - awarded to the class with the highest participation in The Madeira Fund by Reunion Weekend

The Madeira Cup - awarded to the class who raises the most for The Madeira Fund by Reunion Weekend

The winning classes will have a special champagne toast at the Saturday lunch to celebrate!

Every gift makes a big impact on your class your results - and in the lives of today's Madeira students. 

Which classes will win?

Class Leaderboard
The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students
Class YearDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
1967 31$24,2244766.0%
1982 27$14,5208432.1%
1972 26$32,5416241.9%
1987 24$67,3008528.2%
1997 21$4,9255935.6%
2007 21$1,8956930.4%
1977 18$13,9007324.7%
1992 18$13,8606627.3%
2012 17$1,8007622.4%
2002 17$5,4556924.6%
1952 16$31,5603545.7%
1957 15$15,0754632.6%
1962 12$7,8605223.1%
1947 8$2,9503026.7%

Donor affiliations

98% Alumni

Show list

1% Parents

Show list

Donor list
Melanie M. Clark
Susan J Rodgers
Mary Fitzgibbon
Mary Blair Koehl
Evelyn "Randy"
Maria N Dahlman
Karla Castellanos
Ausia Iqbal
Alice Carter
Willa C Freedman
Frances B. Sullivan
Bebe Immurs
Whitney Thier
Andrea Press Yue
Katherine Farquhar
Mary Louise Vidas
Rachel Levenberry
Priya Kathpal
Katherine W. Oxnard
Maryam Al Sabah
Caroline T Dellinger
Caroline P Mickle
Allie Childs
Kelley Boyd
Nicole Marie O'Donnell
Jean Henry
Alyssa HoltAlyssa Holt photo
Kristin E Douglas
Patricia Montague
Laura M Gardner
Allison M. Lefrak

Alyssa Holt photoAlyssa Holt matched $100

No Challenges


Get a Madeira decal to show your school pride. Just login, share your personal link, and get one classmate to give.


Receive "Function in Disaster, Finish in Style" note cards designed by an alumna. Just login, share your personal link, and get five classmates to give.

DONATE $1,000

Donors of $1,000 + ($500 for Class 2007 and $100 for Class of 2012) are invited to a special Toast of Appreciation with Head of School Pilar Cabeza de Vaca during Reunion Weekend.