Reunion Challenge 2019

This campaign ended on April 27, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Madeira School by clicking here!

In addition to honoring your class and your time at Madeira, Reunions are the perfect time to make a meaningful gift to The Madeira Fund to support today's Madeira students. When you're on campus in April, you will see that today's young women are thriving at Madeira with the support of our alumnae community. 

Reunion classes are competing for two special challenge cups:

  • Festina Lente Cup - the class with the highest participation in The Madeira Fund
  • The Madeira Cup - the class who raises the most money for The Madeira Fund

Winners of both cups will receive champagne at the Saturday lunch!

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumnae, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
2014 9$2917312.3%
2009 47$3,1006572.3%
2004 15$3,9206523.1%
1999 32$7,8295756.1%
1994 14$5,2956322.2%
1989 18$7,0208920.2%
1984 18$10,0957025.7%
1979 6$10,623688.8%
1974 14$15,4257618.4%
1969 23$34,0505541.8%
1964 16$19,7625927.1%
1959 16$34,6004436.4%
1954 9$5,9494719.1%
1949 8$30,2782828.6%
1944 1$1,068812.5%
1939 1$500520.0%

Donor affiliations

104% Alumnae

Show Alumnae

1% Students

Show Students

Donor list

Min Kyung Kim
Young-Min Cho
Kathleen Straub
Kristen Heinlein
Brooke C Tansill
Kate Furst
Kate Silbert
Danielle, S, Alarcon
Veronica Gaitan
Chelsea Boyle
Rebecca G Caprio
Beth Collier Groves
Anne Guthrie
Phyllis M Wiley
Sarah Piper
Joan M Suter
Siobhan H Davenport
Alana Barraj
Genevieve Cody
Tara Carter
Holly Paul
Melanie Dunea
Cricket Beauregard lewis
Allison Edgar
Emily Crane Pimentel
Elizabeth Richardson
Milena kudziela
Liberty Roach
Sounthisay Keobounphanh
Virginia Falzon
Lauren Brockman
Courtney Fox
Liz Stupay

Karen-Nicole photoKaren-Nicole matched $5,000
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