Lab's Giving Week #KeepDragonsTogether

This campaign ended on May 22, 2020, but you can still make a gift to The Lab School of Washington by clicking here!

WOW! Thank you Lab family for showing your love and support of this school! In these uncertain times YOU have made one thing certain! 

The Lab spirit is alive, well and brimming with generosity. 

Today we celebrate this spirit of community, with laughter
and lightness.

This is a challenging time for us all, yet we have heard from so many current families, past parents, grandparents, alumni and friends who wish to help Lab fulfill its mission to provide transformational education to students with learning differences. 

With the #KeepDragonsTogether campaign, we can all have an impact this week by making a gift to The Lab School Fund


Here’s how your gift will  make an immediate difference: 

  • Financial Aid: Lab is increasing financial assistance to current families with urgent, unexpected needs. 
  • Faculty & Staff: Lab is focused on supporting those who deliver the Lab experience to our students every day—our highly trained teachers, therapists, and support staff.

You will be the difference! We need you now more than ever. In the spirit of transparency, Lab’s operational budget relies on income generated by tuition, support services and the after school program. As a result of the pandemic, Lab is facing a loss in revenue, impacting our operating budget. Yet we are fully committed to delivering on our mission driven programming! You are the reason we can accomplish this. 



Gifts to Lab School Fund

The Lab School Fund - Greatest Need 131$31,559104.8%
The Lab School Fund - Financial Aid 32$3,25325.6%
The Lab School Fund - Faculty and Staff Salaries 24$2,91519.2%

US Donor Map

Donor affiliations

3% Alumni

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56% Parents

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22% Faculty/Staff

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5% Friends

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6% Grandparent

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8% Parent of Alumni

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Donor list

Roberta Alvarez
Michael R Higgins
Mary Battiata
Judith Belkin
Karen F Duncan
Terrell McSweeny & Ralph Burns
Kristin and Ross Krasnow
Maisha & Mic Johns
Heather Morgan
Anne Freeman
Andie & Brett Nelson
Susan M Keller
Terence McDonald
Lisa VanDeVeer
Marty Cathcart
Marna D Peters
Laurie Chenoweth
A. Young
Andrea Winkler
The Hendricksons
Peggie Bobo
Melissa Wood
denny and melanie sisson
Alyssa and Craig Silverstein
Maureen A. Lewis
Kimberly Sgroi
Mandy S. Newport
Jessica Lux
Meghan Keller
Jason A Slater
Renata Eustis
Morgan Ritacco
Anastasia Dellaccio
Mari McDonald
Amanda Palmer

Lab Parents matched $5,000
Lab Parents matched $5,000
Anonymous Board Member matched $25
The Bassam Family gave $2,000
Lab community parents gave $5,000
Lab Community Parents gave $10,000