The Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge

This campaign ended on November 10, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The Hotchkiss School by clicking here!

After a one-year hiatus, The Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge is back on this year! 

During the week of November 6-10, alumni from the Hotchkiss and Taft graduating Classes of 2003-2017 will compete to see who can achieve greater participation in its annual fund during the week. 

All gifts count equally in this participation-based competition, so please make a gift of any amount to The Hotchkiss Fund this week and help us defeat the Rhinos once and for all!



US Heat Map


Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni
Class YearDonorsDollars
1970 1$500
1984 1$430
1986 1$48
1993 1$20
2003 10$455
2004 17$808
2005 21$945
2006 26$2,175
2007 27$1,060
2008 46$1,609
2009 17$683
2010 27$759
2011 27$563
2012 22$540
2013 20$461
2014 24$255
2015 34$631
2016 45$661
2017 56$632

Donor affiliations

99% Alumni

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Donor list

Meredith Ulrich
Alexandrina Nikolova
Emily QuatrocheEmily Quatroche photo
Nick BerminghamNick Bermingham photo
Caitlin Cataldo
Sam Grinberg
Frederick jenkins
Henry Hecht
Spencer Willis
Zachary Pryor
Sarah Gluck
Andre Kurtz
Brooke Lummis
Allen George
Lindsay PortelliLindsay Portelli photo
Esme D Lutz
Caitlin Brisson
Stephanie Korey
Margaret Bluhm
Catherine Fowler
Tim Gannatti
Liana Tedesco
Krishna Nirmel
Jack Kagan
Natalie, R, Boyse
Hannah Xu
McKenna A Ingerson
Amelia Cao
Tyler Archer
John B Kelly
Jeremy E Nelson
Nika Lescott
Chris Finnegan
Kate Shiber
Jonvi Rollins

Taylor Kenyon photoTaylor Kenyon matched $75
Nancy Wilder photoNian L Wilder matched $48
Taylor Kenyon photoTaylor Kenyon matched $80
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