Hotchkiss Day of Giving 2023

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This campaign ended on March 03, 2023, but you can still make a gift to The Hotchkiss School by clicking here!
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An Anonymous DonorWilliam Turner White matched $10 for each donor, donating a total of $100Just for Class of 2016

An Anonymous DonorWilliam Hamilton matched $1 for each donor, donating a total of $150Just for Class of 1975

Emily Pressman photoEmily L Pressman matched $20 for each donor, donating a total of $200Just for Class of 1998

An Anonymous DonorCindy Softy matched $50 for each donor, donating a total of $500Just for Class of 1977

Nian Wilder photoNian Wilder matched $20 for each donor, donating a total of $600Just for Alumni/Alumnae (1986, 2017, 2020)

An Anonymous DonorCari,CB,Lodge matched $1 for each $1 donated, donating a total of $1,000Just for Class of 1991

David M Balderston photoDavid M Balderston matched $50 for each donor, donating a total of $1,000Just for Class of 1972
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An Anonymous DonorMichele Matzinger gave $250 because 5 donors gaveJust for Class of 1988
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TURN YOUR GIFT INTO A MATCH for your Class or peers and you'll receive a special treat when your offer is met!

Donate $20.23
Only 46 left!
FOR FACULTY & STAFF MEMBERS! Participate in the Day of Giving by supporting The Hotchkiss Fund today and receive a Bearcat pint glass!

Donate $50
Only 54 left!
FOR ALL CURRENT PARENTS: Support The Hotchkiss/Parents Fund today and receive a set of reusable, stainless Hotchkiss straws!

Donate $250
Only 8 left!
Donate $250 to The Hotchkiss/Parents Fund on the Day of Giving and take an eco-friendly, cotton Hotchkiss tote wherever you go!

Donate $500
Only 27 left!
Contribute $500 to The Hotchkiss/Parents Fund during the 2023 Day of Giving and you'll receive a laser-engraved, bamboo board!

Donate $1,891
Only 93 left!
JOIN THE 1891 SOCIETY TODAY! Make your first gift of $1891 or more to The Hotchkiss Fund designation of your choice and receive a beautiful, leather luaggage tag (navy blue, of course!) and take Hotchkiss wherever your path leads!

Thank you to all of the alumni, current parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty & staff, students, and friends who helped to make this year's Day of Giving such a huge success! Every gift to The Hotchkiss Fund has an impact on each student and member of the faculty and staff. The successful completion of this year's Day of Giving affirms the meaningful and powerful role that our global community of alumni, families, and friends play in the School’s tradition of excellence and philanthropy.

Join Hotchkiss alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends around the globe on March 2nd for 1 Day for Hotchkiss! The goal of the 6th annual Day of Giving is to secure 985 gifts to The Hotchkiss Fund to represent each dedicated and inspiring member of our on-campus community - Preps to Post-Graduates, Fellows to Department Chairs, and all of the Staff members who make Hotchkiss shine!


Gifts to The Hotchkiss Fund sustain a transformative experience for all students, support the careers of faculty and staff, and continue the 132 year tradition of excellence at Hotchkiss. By directing a gift to a designation that is most important to you in areas like Academics, the Arts, Athletics, Diversity and Inclusion, Environmental Initiatives, Faculty & Staff support, or by simply giving to the area of greatest need, your contribution and participation will enrich the overall experience of each and every student at Hotchkiss. Your investment in current Bearcats and Hotchkiss will make a meaningful and transformative difference in the every aspect of the School!


Tap on the "Make A Gift" button above to make a gift to The Hotchkiss Fund by credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. For stock gifts, wire transfers, or other contributions from donor advised funds, please contact Mark Lufkin, director of The Hotchkiss Fund, at


The history of supporting a Hotchkiss education and experience began with Maria Hotchkiss's thoughtful philanthropy 132 years ago when she founded the School with a gift! Since then, scores of bright, curious, talented, and ambitious students have passed through the Scoville Gate and onto a campus where education and growth - in classrooms, on playing fields, and in dormitories - has been the norm for generations.

This year, we are excited to announce that the Day of Giving includes a challenge from a group of generous Alumni, Trustee, and Parent donors who believe that The Hotchkiss Fund's ability to enrich the experience of every student and the adults who devote their work to them is worth supporting! Every 100 gifts received during the 2023 Day of Giving will "unlock" $25,000, up to $200,000 for Hotchkiss. Make a gift to The Hotchkiss Fund designation of your choice to help our students, faculty, and staff receive the maximum benefit of this incredible offer.

UPDATE: The 1 Day for Hotchkiss Challenge has been met! Thank you to the generous donors who issued the match and the 800 donors who secured their gift for The Hotchkiss Fund!


During his term as President of The Hotchkiss Fund John Khoury '95 has found Hotchkiss Class & Lead Agents to be energetic, loyal, and committed to their work as volunteers for the School. He has also found them to be wildly competitive and devoted to the Classes and school which they serve. In this, the final year of his term, John is determined to achieve 100% participation from its volunteers! To help reach that goal in record time, for every 20 volunteers who fulfill their promise to support The Hotchkiss Fund by making their first gift of any amount since July 1, 2022 today, John will contribute $10,000 to the Fund, up to $50,000! A gift of any amount from 100 Lead & Class Agents will secure the entirety of John's generous challenge and benefit the School! 


Two generous current families have joined together to offer an exciting challenge to all current parents who have not yet supported The Hotchkiss Parents Fund this fiscal year! Seventy-five new gifts of any amount from this group of current parents will β€œunlock” $75,000 from these generous families and enrich the experience of every Hotchkiss student. Please note: Only one gift per household will count towards this challenge.

UPDATE: The Match has been unlocked!!! Thank you to the families who supported the Day of Giving and secured these funds for The Hotchkiss Fund!


Robert Chartener is offering a dollar for dollar match to the Class in celebration of 1 Day for Hotchkiss! Robert will match all gifts to The Hotchkiss Fund from his fellow '76s, up to $1000!

Cheers to the Class of 1976! 

448 days ago by Nian Wilder
Attention All Faculty & Staff Members! πŸŽ‰

The Day of Giving is off to a great start! Our community is so grateful for your work on behalf of Hotchkiss and has responded enthusiastically throughout the day! 

In recognition of your steadfast support and dedication, Ninette Enrique, chief advancement officer, has generously offered to match your contributions to The Hotchkiss Fund designation of your choice today, up to $2023.00. 

New and repeat gifts of any amount are welcome and deeply appreciated!

448 days ago by Nian Wilder
Just for Current Families!

Two generous families have joined together to offer an exciting challenge to all current parents who have not supported The Hotchkiss Parents Fund yet this fiscal year! If 75 of these families make a donation of any amount today, $75,000 will be "unlocked" for the Parents Fund and enrich the experiences of all 599 students who call Hotchkiss their school! πŸ’™

448 days ago by Nian Wilder
A 2-for-1 Offer in Celebration of the Class of 1983's 40th Reunion!

To get an early start on the 40th Reunion festivities for the Class of 1983 and help The Hotchkiss Fund reach its 985 donor goal, an anonymous classmate is offering the following match opportunity:

πŸ’™ All gifts up to $10,000 during the Day of Giving will be matched 2:1! A $100 gift will be matched with a $200 gift from the anonymous donor!

Kickoff the celebration by taking advantage of this generous offer before 1 Day for Hotchkiss comes to an end. See you in June!

448 days ago by Nian Wilder
Triple Your Impact, Class of 1993! πŸ’₯πŸ’₯πŸ’₯

Two Class Agents have joined forces to offer $8,600 in Match and Challenge funds to their classmates in celebration of the upcoming 30th Reunion! Here are the details...

MATCH: Make a gift today and your support will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $3600! 

CHALLENGE: If you haven't made your gift yet this year or would like to make an additional gift to join your peers, TODAY IS THE DAY! If 25 members of the Class make their gifts to The Hotchkiss Fund designation of their choice during today's Day of Giving, they will "unlock" the remaining $5000 from the Class Agents!

Make your gift today to help us secure $8,600 for The Hotchkiss Fund!

448 days ago by Nian Wilder
Just for the 🐻🐱 Classes of 2002-2022...

A loyal, past parent is offering an exciting challenge to all alumni in the Classes of 2002 - 2022! 

For every 20 donors from these 20 classes, this generous donor will contribute $5000, up to $25,000. Gifts of any amount from 120 '02 - '22 young alumni will help us secure the full $25,000 for The Hotchkiss Fund!

UPDATE: Way to go, '02s through '22s! The challenge has been met but let's keep the momentum going and put your Bearcat pride on full display for this generous donor and the Hotchkiss community!

449 days ago by Nian Wilder
2022 - 2023 True Blue Society Renewal Match!

A member of the True Blue Society, who has supported Hotchkiss annually for over thirty years, wishes to encourage 100 fellow True Blue Society members who have yet to support the School through The Hotchkiss Fund this fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) to continue their own histories of consecutive giving! 

The anonymous donor will contribute a $250 matching gift per donor, up to $25,000! By making a gift to The 2022-2023 Hotchkiss Fund designation of their choice, True Blue Society members who will renew their membership and allow the Hotchkiss community to receive the full benefit of the generous match! 

449 days ago by Nian Wilder
Class of 1978, 30 donors will earn a $3500 gift to The Hotchkiss Fund!

In celebration of the 45th Reunion, members of the Reunion Committee are offering an exciting matching opportunity to the record-breaking Class of 1978!

This group of classmates will contribute $100 per donor, up to 35 donors, for a total of $3500 to The Hotchkiss Fund! Gifts of all sizes are welcome and will help the Class contend for the Day of Giving Reunion Challenge and move '78 closer to its fundraising and participation goals in this milestone year.

Thank you for supporting the Class during the 2023 Day of Giving!

449 days ago by Nian Wilder

If you're celebrating a Reunion milestone this year, why not have a brand new, custom t-shirt to wear during the weekend and beyond? The Alumni & Development Office is offering the 2023 Reunion Classes who achieve the highest fundraising total or the greatest number of donors during today's Day of Giving, a custom designed (by your Committee) T-shirt, which will be produced and gifted to all members of the class. One Class per category will win this celebratory prize.

Will your Reunion Class win customized Hotchkiss or AHA shirts? There's only one way to find The Hotchkiss Fund and your Class TODAY!

450 days ago by Nian Wilder

EXCITING UPDATES! Andy Baur '77 was the 985th donor! Thanks for putting us over the top, Andy!!

And, just for fun, Megan Costigan '03, you are our 1000th donor so we'll send you a gift certificate, too. Thank you!

UPDATE: We just crossed the 700 donor mark and have seven lucky winners to announce! Linda Chase-Jenkins P'24, Dave Balderston '72, Robert Schaufelberger '97, Jennifer Sheppard '98, Mimi Brown '03, Kuol Arop P'23, Trip Cowin '04, Sarah Helming '98, Jeremy & Eva Radtke P'25... CONGRATULATIONS & THANK YOU!

As a special thank you, every 100th donor will receive a $50 gift certificate to the Campus Store, courtesy of The Hotchkiss Fund team.  If we reach our goal of 985 donors, nine lucky donors will have be the lucky new owners of new Hotchkiss gear! Keep checking this space throughout the day!

451 days ago by Nian Wilder
The Have A Hart Challenge for the Class of 2016

Peter Hart's open, generous, and fun-loving personality shines through the photo that his family has shared for their annual Have A Hart Challenge. With the ideals of Class unity and support for one another, the Harts hope that their Challenge gift will reinforce the philosophy that it's not the amount of the gift, but the act of coming together as the one and only Class of 2016 to help others that matters most.

This year's Challenge focuses on increasing class participation and unity by encouraging gifts of any amount from all members of the Class! Whether this is your first gift to The Hotchkiss Fund since the fiscal year kicked off on July 1, 2022 or a second gift to be counted among your classmates, here are the details: 

The Have A Hart Challenge

* The first 20 gifts will be matched with $25, up to $500!

* 10 additional gifts will be matched with $50, up to $500!

This generous Challenge may be met by making a gift of any amount "In Memory of Peter Hart '16" to the designation of your choice within The Hotchkiss Fund.

On behalf of the Hart family, thank you for considering a gift today and demonstrating your Bearcat '16 pride. 

453 days ago by Nian Wilder
A Head of School Match Just for the Class of 2023! πŸ’™

The Day of Giving is the perfect time to make your Senior Class Gift while continuing to leave your indelible mark on Hotchkiss! In celebration of the Class of 2023 and your upcoming milestone, Mr. Bradley will make a gift of $20.23 to The Hotchkiss Fund for every gift of any amount from a Senior, up to 100 gifts! Let's go, Class of '23!!!

453 days ago by Nian Wilder

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