Hotchkiss Day of Giving 2020

This campaign ended on February 15, 2020, but you can still make a gift to The Hotchkiss School by clicking here!

WE DID IT! We are thrilled to report that the 3rd annual Day of Giving was a tremendous success. Because of the remarkable enthusiasm and generosity of our alumni, current parents, grandparents, parents of alumni, faculty & staff, students, and friends, over 1,000 donors contributed $1,484,503 to the School!  

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day such a huge success - donors, volunteers, and advocates! Every gift to Hotchkiss has an impact on each student, faculty, and staff member and affirms the meaningful role of our donors in the School’s tradition of excellence.

Please stay tuned to the Hotchkiss website for the final results.


The Hotchkiss Fund Team

BREAKING NEWS!!! Having reached the goal of 971 gifts moments ago, another Trustee has come forward with a new challenge for the Hotchkiss community! If a total of 1000 donors support the School on the Day of Giving, they will give an additional $50,000 towards supporting all of the people and programs that define Hotchkiss. 29 more gifts will unlock $50,000 of opportunity and experiences. Make your gift before midnight PST! UPDATE: Challenge issued...challenge met! The Day of Giving will end in less than three hours. There's still time to make an impact on the experience of every single member of our School during their time at Hotchkiss. Show that ONCE A BEARCAT...ALWAYS LOVED spans time and distance!

On February 14, 2020, the Hotchkiss community - alumni, parents, faculty, staff, and friends around the world - will join together to show their love of Hotchkiss by celebrating the 3rd annual Day of Giving. The goal of the Day is to secure 971 gifts to represent each one of our incredible students, faculty, and staff - all of the people who make Hotchkiss a wonderful place to learn and grow! The Day begins as February 14th arrives on all points of the globe and ends at 11:59pm PST for the benefit of our West Coast alumni and families.

TRUSTEES CHALLENGE: We are thrilled to announce that this year's Day of Giving includes the most generous challenge from a group of current members of the Board of Trustees to date! Every 100 gifts received during the 2020 Day of Giving will "unlock" $50,000 up to $450,000 for Hotchkiss. Our students, faculty, and staff need your help to take advantage of the Trustees' generosity. UPDATE: The full $450,000 challenge was met at 9pm! Thank you to all who made this gift possible!


FOR LEAD & CLASS AGENTS: Sue Green Roberson '87, president of The Hotchkiss Fund, promises that 2020 will be the year THF achieves 100% participation from its volunteers. To help reach that goal in record time, she will contribute $10,000 to the Fund if at least 100 class volunteers fulfill their promises to support The Hotchkiss Fund with a gift of any amount on the Day of Giving. 

FOR THE CLASSES OF 1995-2005: An anonymous member of the Board has issued a challenge to these 11 Classes. If this group of Classes adds 100 total new donors, the anonymous donor will contribute $40,000 to support our talented students, faculty & staff! UPDATE: The $40,000 challenge was met at 11:30 pm! Thank you to all who made this gift possible!

FOR CURRENT PARENTS: Three anonymous families have joined together to offer a $100,000 gift to Hotchkiss, if we can secure 200 gifts from current parents!  This generous gift will be “unlocked” in increments of $25,000 for each group of 50 gifts.  As an additional incentive, the parents who achieve the highest number of gifts within a Class will earn a special treat for their students! Only one gift per household will count for this challenge. UPDATE: Thank you to all of the Current Parents who have given so far today! As of 6:30 p.m., you have helped to unlock the full $100,000 challenge from our generous families! 

FOR SENIOR PARENTS: Today is a perfect day to support the Class of 2020 Senior Parents Gift! This is a special campaign to fund the renovation of Walker Auditorium and provide a permanent tribute to the great Class of 2020.  An anonymous Senior Parent has offered a challenge gift of $50,000 if we can achieve 50% parent participation from the Class of 2020 parents. This would require 24 Senior Parents to make a gift today. UPDATE: The challenge has been met but there is still time support this important project. Thanks to the 44 families who crushed the goal of realizing gifts from 24 Class of 2020 parents by over 20 donors! 



Class & Constituent Leaderboard

The Class & Constituent Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni/Alumnae, Current Parents, Students
Class YearDonorsDollars
2020 167$1,147
Parent 2021 82$196,210
Parent 2020 76$188,380
Parent 2023 73$110,676
Parent 2022 71$69,599
1991 27$44,106
1987 25$13,969
1990 22$50,980
1995 20$9,020
1996 20$12,008
2019 18$534
2005 17$875
1989 15$5,964
2012 13$597
1992 12$2,650
1993 12$5,675
2022 11$26
2021 10$57
1994 10$5,504
1972 10$3,175
1997 10$1,400
2002 9$720
1985 9$6,970
2016 9$237
1960 8$2,350
2000 8$2,325
2009 8$631
2018 8$295
2023 7$32
2013 7$170
1980 7$52,500
2003 7$425
1986 7$2,315
1988 7$5,525
2004 7$1,190
1970 6$2,400
1977 6$25,565
1984 6$14,550
2017 6$160
1981 6$2,501
2001 6$1,155
2014 6$100
2006 6$475
1976 6$1,900
1953 5$2,600
1966 5$800
1983 5$725
1978 5$1,350
1998 5$425
1982 4$1,150
2007 4$145
2010 4$461
1973 3$10,600
2015 3$175
2008 3$65
1959 2$2,750
1969 2$2,000
1967 2$2,600
1956 2$4,000
1963 2$563
1952 2$2,500
1979 2$1,250
1951 2$10,150
2011 2$60
1955 2$200
1965 1$500
1957 1$3,500
1971 1$100
1974 1$250
1958 1$1,000
1968 1$100
1975 1$100
1964 1$250
1999 1$100

US Heat Map

Global Heat Map

Donor affiliations

44% Alumni/Alumnae

Show Alumni/Alumnae

28% Current Parents

Show Current Parents

21% Students

Show Students

6% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

2% Grandparents

Show Grandparents

23% Parents of Alumni & Friends of Hotchkiss

Show Parents of Alumni & Friends of Hotchkiss

Donor list

Zihui Xu (Annie)
Lucia D Poggi
Alex Xu
Yina Fu
Clare Wenlian Hu
Ethan Rishon Oberman
Elizabeth Murtha Nuti
Annika Lescott
Xiaodong Xu
Hong Zhu
Hollis, M, von Summer
Peter J Woodward
Yuyang Wang
Zhihua Wang
Sunil B Desai
Sarah D. E. Staples
John Moore
KP&T, Warren
Don Rosati
Robert Wharton
Zhun Julie Gao
Robert Chartener
Jennifer Sung
Andres, L, Gonzalez-Stewart
Xiujiang Li
Jean Chang and Lei Du
Will Canu
Vivian Shi
Adam E Casella
He Liu
Saraid Donnelly
Jalal D. Akhavein

Kelsie Fralick matched $50
Tyler Bulakul photoPerrin Tyler Bulakul matched $100
Rachel A Rodgers photoRachel A Rodgers matched $150
Daniel and Caitlin matched $10
An Anonymous Donor matched $201
Blake Ruddock matched $55
Caldwell Hart photoCaldwell Hart matched $250
Weijen Chang matched $750
An Anonymous Donor matched $500
Trent Hickman matched $4,675
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,750
Mike Stone matched $700
Gwyn Williams photoGwyn Williams matched $7,150
An Anonymous Donor matched $24,690
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,150
Emily L Pressman gave $100

Make your gift, share your personal link and if one friend makes a gift, we'll send you a Hotchkiss sticker for your car, laptop, or favorite water bottle!


Make your gift, share your personal link and if three friends make gifts, we'll send you a reusable Hotchkiss tote so you can show your Bearcat pride anywhere you go!


Make your gift, share your personal link, and we'll send you an insulated Hotchkiss travel tumbler if five of your friends join you in supporting Hotchkiss!