Hotchkiss Day of Giving 2019

This campaign ended on March 07, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Hotchkiss School by clicking here!

WE DID IT!  When the Hotchkiss community is challenged, the Hotchkiss community responds with enthusiasm!  Between all the excitement generated online yesterday and gifts that have arrived in today's mail, designated for the 2nd annual Day of Giving, we are thrilled to report that we successfully surpassed the goal of 1,200 donors and raised more than $1 million (including over $400,000 in matching gifts) for the School.   

 Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day such a huge success - donors, volunteers, and advocates! All of us, here in Lakeville, are honored and humbled to have your support.  Every gift to Hotchkiss has an impact on each student and helps you become part of the School's legacy of excellence.

Please stay tuned to the Hotchkiss website for the final results.


The Hotchkiss Fund Team

On Wednesday, March 6, 2019, Hotchkiss will celebrate its 2nd annual Day of Giving! This global, 24-hour fundraising event celebrates your Hotchkiss pride and the strength of the Hotchkiss community. The Day begins at 12am EST and will end at 11:59pm PST for the benefit of our West Coast alumni and families.

We are thrilled to announce that this year's Day of Giving includes an exciting challenge from a group of current and former Trustees - to exceed the 1200 donors who made contributions during last year's inaugural Day of Giving and obtain a total of $300,000 for Hotchkiss! Every 200 gifts received on March 6 will "unlock" $50,000, up to $300,000. Our students, faculty, and staff need your help to take advantage of the Trustees' generosity.

Matching Challenges & Goals:

For Everyone:  Keep an eye on the left-hand side of this page for Class-specific matches from your classmates and consider issuing a match of your own to your Class. By making a gift, you will not only help fulfill an individual Match, you'll also be one of the donors who will help Hotchkiss collect the $300,000 award from our generous Trustee donors!

For Young Alumni (Classes of 2004-2018): Gwyn Williams '84, P'17,'19, president of The Hotchkiss Fund, has pledged to recognize every group of 100 young alumni donors with a gift of $5000, up to $15,000! '04s-'18s, make your gifts and be one of the 300 Bearcats who unlocks Mrs.Williams' matching gift!

For Current Parents, Past Parents & Grandparents: Two current families have come forward with an exciting Match. These anonymous supporters will match $500 per donor for a gift of any size up to $100,000! If 200 families make a contribution, the Match will be fulfilled. 

For Students in the Class of 2019: We are pleased to announce that during the Day of Giving, Mr. Bradley will match the first 100 gifts from the Seniors with a gift of $20.19, up to $2,019.00, in recognition of your fantastic Class. Let's help him move that decimal point!


For Current Parents, Siblings & Grandparents: David and Andrea Kinnear P'20 will match donations of any size with a contribution of $20 per gift, up to $500! 25 gifts will secure their matching donation.

Show the world your Hotchkiss Pride & GO BLUE!!!

Questions? Please contact Sonia Bonsu, director of The Hotchkiss Fund, at or call 860.435.3210 for assistance.



US Donor Map

Global Donor Map

Donor list

Charles Glanville
Charlie Johnson
Kevin A Herrera
Becky McIntosh
Petrina Alexander-Perteet
Vivian Xiao
Frank R Sprole
Andrew Bushell
Charles Johnson
James Conrad Pritchard
Caroline Barlerin
Martyn E Kingston
Amelia Wang
Robert W Small
Dan and Regina Dickinson
Stuart J McSweeney
Julie B Just
Robert leeds
Kimberly Moore
Alex Trevithick
William Weitzel
Jianming Yang
Frederick Ammons
Edward R Tuohy
Dina Rahadian
Stephanie Zeigler
Rafael Carbonell
Elizabeth Shyer
Liang Yu Lin
Caleb Teachey
Tyler Nimick
Christian F. Kohlmeyer
Yinlong Ding-2022
Jung Chai
Anne Seaman
Kate Balderston

Kamaren M Suwijn matched $25
Sonia Bonsu photoSonia Bonsu matched $50
Blake Ruddock matched $100
Emily Pressman photoEmily Pressman matched $20
Whitney Gulden photoWhitney Gulden matched $100
Nian Wilder photoNian Wilder matched $200
Caldwell Hart matched $250
Robert L Hausman photoRobert L Hausman matched $325
Allison Pell Shea photoAllison Pell Shea matched $1,000
Weijen Chang matched $1,986
Brooke Whittemore photoBrooke Whittemore matched $3,000
Rika Tsitsinia matched $25,000
No Challenges

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