2021 Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge

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This campaign ended on November 13, 2021, but you can still make a gift to The Hotchkiss School by clicking here!
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For the next Advocate that helps to raise 5 donations by sharing this link: One white Hotchkiss beach towel

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Hotchkiss vintage t-shirt giveaways for each donor Thursday, November 11th until 2 p.m. or until supplies run out.

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Hotchkiss felt pendant

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For the next four indefinite recurring gifts: navy Hotchkiss gym duffel bags!

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For gifts of $250 - one blue & white Hotchkiss mug. For gifts of $500 - two blue & white Hotchkiss mugs

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Friday's vintage Hotchkiss T-Shirts! Only 10 left!

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OMAH Julia Wu Trethaway sticker

The Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge is back! 

It's all about rivalry in 2021. From November 10-12, young alumni from the Hotchkiss and Taft Classes of 2008-2021 will duke it out to see which school will achieve the most number of gifts to support their school in the run up to Taft Day.

What are the details?

  • Hotchkiss and Taft's young alumni in the Classes of 2008-2021.
  • Goal of Challenge - Hotchkiss alumni will have a higher giving participation in a three day period than Taft alumni.
  • Secondary goal: Raise more than 400 gifts between November 10-12.
  • Donors may support any of eight allocations within The Hotchkiss Fund including Arts, Academics, Athletics, Area of Greatest Need, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, Environmental Initiatives, Faculty and Staff Support, or Financial Aid.
  • All gifts count equally in this participation-based competition, so please show your Bearcat Pride by making a gift of any amount to The Hotchkiss Fund during this flash campaign. 

Get involved!

  • Step 1: Sign up 

Click “Sign Up” in the top right corner of the screen or from the advocates tab. 

  • Step 2: Share, Share, Share 

Once you’ve logged in, you can use the buttons and links that appear below the video and/or on the advocates tab. Share your link via social media, email, and/or text. Every share, click, and gift generated from your unique link automatically tracks your influence as an advocate.  

  • Step 3: Make it personal

Create a plea video (accessed on the advocates tab) to tell your classmates why you supported Hotchkiss. Set up a matching donation or challenge gift.

Hotchkiss Wins!

Here is the final scoreboard for the 2021 Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge. Congratulations to all, and we hope to see you in Lakeville today to cheer on our student athletes during Taft Day competitions.

22 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Guided by each other, let us break school records!

Fair Hotchkiss, we just broke our school record for the most donations during a Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge for the Blue team! From the entire Hotchkiss community, we are so thankful for the Classes of 2008-2021's showing of generosity and school spirit.

There is still time to add your name to the donor list until the closing bell at 2:59 a.m. Eastern Standard Time (or 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time).

Check back here tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. EST to see the final 2021 Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge scoreboard. #HotchkissExcellence

23 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Help us achieve 400 Donors for the first time in HTC history!

2018 - 379 Donors

2019 - 395 Donors

2020 - 382 Donors

2021 - TBD

Help Hotchkiss cross the 400 donor mark for the first time in Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge history. 


(3) gift bags and (7) Blue & White winter hats will be mailed 10 of the NEXT 25 NEW PARTICIPANTS!

23 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Tafties took the lead

Taft had a strong day today, and has claimed the lead as of Friday at 4:00 p.m. Bearcats, we need your help! Please show your support by a donation of $5 or more. The competition closes at 2:59 a.m. on the East Coast or Midnight on the Pacific Coast.

23 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
In memory of Julia Wu Trethaway P'06, P'09 - "OMAH" Sticker Incentive

*NEW INCENTIVE* - For the next 30 new donors!

"OMAH" Open Mind and Heart, Julia Wu Trethaway sticker decals

Today we have a special incentive to pay homage to Julia Wu Trethaway P'06, P'09, Instructor In History, Director of School Service Program, Dean of the Class of 2008, Dean of the Class of 2012. JWU exemplified Hotchkiss school spirit, positivity, and kindheartedness, and her OMAH philosophy is still an important component of the Hotchkiss community today.

23 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
16 Hours Remain...

Attention Bearcats:
With 16 hours left in the Challenge, Hotchkiss has a 1% lead over Taft. Here is the scoreboard as of 9:30 a.m.

To give blue a boost this morning:
The NEXT TEN NEW DONORS will receive a vintage Hotchkiss T-Shirt! 

23 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Hotchkiss is winning at the end of Day Two!!

As of 4:00 p.m., Hotchkiss claimed a healthy lead over Taft! There are several incentive prizes up for grabs for all donors, and new ones to be announced tomorrow in the final day of the Challenge. 

Let's try to outshine Taft's percentages in each of the fourteen classes by tomorrow's closing bell.


24 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Giveaway Thursday continues: Three additional incentives for larger items

*JUST ANNOUNCED* - Three additional Incentives have just been posted for larger Hotchkiss items. See the "Incentives" menu to find out how to win a gym bag, mug and/or set of mugs, and a beach towel.

24 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
The ultimate "Tell me you're smart without saying you're smart" cubicle accessory

Giveaway Thursday continues with this *NEW* donor Incentive: 

The next 40 new donors of $5 or more will receive a felt pendant!

24 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
From the vintage vaults!

The vintage shirt incentive has closed for the day, but check out our other incentives.

24 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Thank you Chicago and Cornell Bearcats!

Hotchkiss alumni in college gathered this fall for dinners together in Chicago, IL and Ithaca, NY. #OnceABearcatAlwaysABearcat

The University of Chicago and Northwestern University alumni dinner at The Italian Village in Chicago on October 17.

Cornell University alumni dinner at the Statler Hotel on October 24.

25 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Thank you Boston area Bearcats!

Bearcats currently studying in colleges around Boston gathered for a young alumni dinner on November 3, 2021 at the Bostonian. This crew tallied up some of the first donations towards this year's Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge. Thanks to all that attended and participated!

25 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
Thank you Bearcats of NYC!

It was wonderful seeing so many alumni at our Challenge Kickoff Party at The Smith in New York City on Monday, November 8! All attendees supported Hotchkiss as early participants in the challenge. 

25 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn
A prize for every 25th donor!

The Hotchkiss-Taft Challenge is all about school spirit, and this year, every 25th donor will receive a Bearcat Pride swag bag! Each bag includes a winter hat, window decal, Hotchkiss M&Ms, a felt pendant, and a Bearcat phone holder. #newmerch

25 days ago by Kamaren Suwijn

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