100 Days for Heritage - 2018

This campaign ended on December 31, 2018, but you can still make a gift to The Heritage School by clicking here!

Tuition pays for salaries, benefits, building maintenance, utilities, instructional supplies, many (but not all) of our field trips, paper, copiers, and the other items we need to make a school operate from day to day.

All the EXTRAS that make Heritage unique are largely due to the Annual Fund. If we didn’t have the Annual Fund, things like Jubilee, International Day, additional professional learning opportunities, new swings, the Think Tank, our environmental education program, the Alumni baseball game, the Halloween carnival, Fine Arts night, the wonderful plays and performances Candler, Doug, and Karen put on, and many, many other special extras would be very difficult- if not impossible- to fund.



Donor affiliations

4% Alumni

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32% Parents

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31% Faculty/Staff

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3% Friends

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4% Board Member

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9% Grandparent

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Donor list

Mary Trenton Griffies & Brian Griffies
Tracy & Joseph Kotheimer
Marilyn P Best
Ashley and Jeffrey Elder
Kim Mathews
Benoy & Rochelle Kanianthra
Christopher & Monica Siegel
Joshua Armstrong & Christine Armstrong
Scott Walker & Stephanie Walker
Susan Freeman Fleming
Fred & Linda Brown & Yes
Harry Camp & Jeaneane Camp
Jack Treadwell & Michelle Treadwell
Angela Stephens & Eugene
Ruth A. Lanier
Brett Mitchell & Dana Mitchell
Kim Hinely & Steve Hinely
Charlie Wilgus & Leonora Wilgus
Kent Voyce & Jerry Ann Conner
Clayton & Citseko Miller
Alan Yahanda & Pam
Kevin and Carla
Whitney Morman & Brock Morman
Mike Thompson & Kristina Howell
William and Carol Starnes
curtiss siegel & Jo Siegel
Steve and Julia Short
Judith P Jefferson
Brian Thomas & Laura
Ryan Hutcherson & Bethany Hutcherson
Amanda L Carreon
Robert Collins & Lee Collins
Karen Sheppard & Robert
Buck and Kristen Anderson
Ginna Jordan
Ron Jordan
Jim and Seay Poulakos
Lynne and Dennis Decker

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