Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy Needs New Furniture!

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This campaign ends on December 30 at 11:59PM EST

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The Marian Anderson Neighborhood Academy is a K-8 school in the heart of Philadelphia serving more than 300 children every year. Our students, teachers, administrators and staff are incredibly talented, dedicated, and driven to succeed!

But...we have a BIG problem. Our school's furniture has not been upgraded for many years. Our kids work from aging desks that scratched, chipped, dented, and damaged from years of use. Our classrooms contain shelving that has been pieced together from old plywood, and tables that have been salvaged from yard sales or teachers' homes. 

What's worse, our furniture is mismatched in size, height, color, and material, making our frequent group projects that require shared surfaces nearly impossible to complete.

Like most schools, we appreciate everything we have. But our kids deserve better. With your help, we will do better for them! 

Your gift today will help purchase new, comfortable, standard-sized desks, tables and shelving for our K-8 classrooms. Your generosity will remove one more barrier from successful learning, and show our kids that - to this community - they really matter!

Thank you for your support!!!

*If we do not meet our fundraising goal, we will use these funds to support this or another vital need at our school!

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