Give the Gift

This campaign ended on December 12, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Derryfield School by clicking here!

It’s the season of giving and what better way to celebrate than recalling the gifts you’ve received from being a part of the Derryfield community.

Maybe you made lifelong friendships or teammates, found an outlet to explore and develop your passions, received inspiration from a special teacher, or perhaps felt comforted by a safe and nurturing place for your child to learn and thrive. 

Join us for Derryfield’s very first Give the Gift event - a 24-hour, digital celebration of our community’s gifts and treasures, and an opportunity to give back to what you love most about Derryfield. 

Our goal is to raise $50,000 in recognition of all of the special gifts our school has provided to our community. 



Give the Gift

Area of Greatest Need 85$20,816
Faculty Support 7$4,220
Financial Aid 18$3,795
Athletics 7$1,120
The Arts 9$820
Curriculum Innovation 5$705
Other 1$250

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Donor affiliations

33% Alumni

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5% Students

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42% Parents

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15% Faculty/Staff

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5% Friends

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Donor list

William J Kanteres
Tracy and Mark Blaisdell
Parker Blaisdell
Allison Fink
Jonathan Kfoury
Shannon Best
Jennifer Donofrio/Dave Moore
Susan Stahl Hardy
Bruce Berk
Rain Chen
Seth R Pitman
Graham Duck
Donna and Michael Rodanas
Wm & Kristin Letourneau
Craig and Kelly Weimer
Mia Ek
Emily Bacall
Nathaniel Pagliocco
Chris and Paulette Grondin
Paul & Kathy Silvio
Samuel K Weathers
Jonathan E. Devine
Barbara E. Walls
The MacDearmids
Linda Mackey Mitchell
Siobhan & Tom Quinn
Michelle Coombes
Lindsay Starner Blanch
Nathaniel Kelsey
Colby E. Morgan
Robert & Jennifer Grunbeck
Daniel P Regan
Betsy Abbott Stefany

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