TCNJ Fund 2017-2018

This campaign ended on November 03, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The College of New Jersey by clicking here!

Gifts in support of the TCNJ Fund provide TCNJ students with the opportunities to engage with the world around them, and learn in real-life settings outside the classroom like never before. By providing students with much needed support through scholarships, technology, and innovative programs, the TCNJ Fund ensures a personalized educational experience with a global reach for TCNJ students. 



Donor affiliations

73% Alumni

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11% Students

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5% Parents

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5% Faculty/Staff

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5% Friends

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Donor list

Felicity Meu photoFelicity Meu
Ellen Decker-Lorys
Thomas Hertgen
Miles Powell
Kimberly Weidner
Jennifer A. Lyons
Rosie Hymerling & Lee
Dana Kneis
Randall William Lumia
Philip M Miller & Laura
Loretta Maguire
Karen Lang
Rob Barger photoRob Barger & Rachel Smith Barger
Andrew Palmieri
Jackie Hehir
Kara O'Rourke
Scott Taylor Jr
Markintosh & Jennifer Barthelemy & Markintosh Barthelemy
Robert C. Puglisi & Anne Michele Puglisi
John Anastasio photoJohn Anastasio
Jennifer L. Harris & Thomas E. Harris, Jr.
Rachel Donohue
Gwen Farley
Laura C Neuman
Diane Erickson-White
Marilyn Carlson
James R Gater & Kathleen Gater
Susan Schechter
Lois D Handzo
Liv White photoLiv White
Stephen Tomkiel
Thomas A. Schweitzer
Linghui Tang
Stephanie Craddock
Joyce Falsetti

Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Derek Wan matched $10,000
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $10,000 because 1,250 donors made a gift in 1 day.