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Day of Giving 2019

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Lions Aid Scholarship Fund

Day of Giving 2019
2,635 Donors
$339,165 Donated

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7% Parents

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19% Faculty/Staff

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29% Friends

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Donor list

Brian Eig
Eileen Nagle & Matt Liguori
John Palombi
Stacy Schuster
Philip Sanders
Mary Sanders
Kyle DiCesare
Donna Green
Shelley Feeney
Jill E Moscatello
Cynthia Paces photoCynthia Paces
Maggie Hollin & Alan Collinson
Melody Block
Chris Collinson & Misha Collinson
Brian Block
Evan Lide
Christopher W Blakeley
Diane Halsema
Michael R. Griffith
Regina Cadillac
Glenn A Steinberg & Diane Vanner Steinberg
Avani Rana
Richard collinson
Courtney E Middleton
Judith Ann Cook
Kathy Gater & Jim Gater
Jim Collinson
James "Butter" Allen
Christopher Freeman
James "Butter" Allen
Casey Dowling
John Collinson & Maryanne
Mary Lide
Loralyn Sarabia
Kristen Luettchau
Robert T Simels
Alex DiCesare

Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $5,000 because 1,555 donors made a gift in 8 days.
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $5,000 because 2,100 donors made a gift in 8 days.