NHES—Teaching with Technology

This campaign ended on November 03, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The College of New Jersey by clicking here!

In our instructive and clinical courses, The College of New Jersey School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science takes quality and patient safety seriously. Teaching with technology that simulates experiences is a crucial component of the education our students receive in the School of Nursing, Health, and Exercise Science. Your support will allow us to enhance the simulation experience and educational opportunity for our graduate and undergraduate students by funding technology for simulation education. Thus far, the Teaching with Technology Fund has enabled our use of “Poverty SIM,” a simulated program where students learn what it's like to take care of a family who is at or below the poverty line, increased use of Standardized Patients, and equipment upgrades to the Health and Exercise Science Physical Enhancement Center.

Double the impact! When 70 Lions support the NHES—Teaching with Technology project, a $5,000 challenge Eileen Sporing ’80 will be unlocked!



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
1981 3$200
2009 3$60
1984 2$100
1976 2$100
1980 2$5,100
1971 2$550
2003 2$25
1968 2$1,000
2014 2$125
1993 1$0
1988 1$0
2019 1$5
2017 1$5
2020 1$5
1956 1$50
1972 1$500
2012 1$25
1978 1$100
2002 1$25
1979 1$50
1987 1$25
1985 1$100
2010 1$25
1995 1$25
1986 1$100

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40% Alumni

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5% Students

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26% Faculty/Staff

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24% Friends

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Donor list

Charles O Mckay
Nichole Mastrianni
Robert Wiener
Rick McDonald, Esq.
Patrick McDonald
Kaitlin McDonald
Elizabeth McDonald
Melinda McDonald
Christen Conaway Jones & Keith Jones
Virginia conaway & Matt Clark
Margaret conaway
Annie Nyce
Caraugh Ball
Donna Gage & Dr. David Gage
Kenneth Rockino
Kathleen Rockino
Heath Peterson
Angela Peterson
Deborah Beaver
Diana, C, Hahn
Ellen M Swartwout
Mary Marczyk
Vicki Lynn Coyle
Sean Smith
Margaret Kurczeski
Jerry Sharpe & Gwen Nicgorski Sharpe
Della L Husbands
Kenneth Drake '71 & Kathleen English Drake
Dolores Dzubaty
Anthony D Lista
Katie Hooven
Gerry Altmiller
Elizabeth Fisher
Eva Zhao
Mei Zhao
Sharen A Clugston
Emily W Dodd & Matthew
Sarah B Pasternack & Sarah Pasternack
Tracy Perron

Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Derek Wan matched $10,000
Eileen Sporing photoEileen Sporing gave $5,000 because 70 donors made a gift in 10 days.
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $10,000 because 1,250 donors made a gift in 1 day.