Engineering—Senior Design Projects

This campaign ended on November 03, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The College of New Jersey by clicking here!

 One of the highlights of a TCNJ School of Engineering education is its culminating experience: The Senior Design Project. The Senior Design Project gives School of Engineering students the opportunity to apply all that they have learned and to test their ingenuity, creativity, and design acumen. Over the years, the scope of these projects has grown, earning our students participation and recognition in national competitions. Accordingly, the price of materials has increased, and therefore, the cost of these projects has increased as well. Your gift to the School of Engineering Senior Design Fund can help ensure that students have the resources they need to successfully execute their innovative and imaginative ideas. Give today to help them continue the long, rich tradition of award-winning TCNJ Engineering Senior Design Projects.

Double the impact! When 65 Lions support the Engineering—Senior Design Projects, a $3,000 challenge from Regina Cadillac ’90, William McLagan ’87, and Kevin Zanellato ’85 will be unlocked!



Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
2019 5$39
2021 4$104
2002 4$125
2020 4$28
2004 3$150
2013 3$200
2018 2$105
1994 2$250
1983 2$350
2014 2$55
1967 2$75
2006 2$525
2009 2$125
1960 1$100
1978 1$50
1981 1$100
2010 1$25
2011 1$25
1987 1$1,000
1966 1$25
1985 1$100
2017 1$25
1988 1$100

Donor affiliations

44% Alumni

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15% Students

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15% Parents

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8% Faculty/Staff

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9% Friends

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Donor list

Tom Serwell
Kevin Schenk
Carol and Scott Hazlett
John Hildin
Joe McKeever
Jay Shilling
Daniel Cavanagh
Jane and Jeffrey Harris
Russell Jones & Sarah Jones
Elizabeth Bescherer
T E Mintel
Guy Calcerano
Carl R. Ference
Wallace J Okulicz & Christina Okulicz
Erik Wendt
Elli Cooper
Pudding Danzi
Courtney Miller
Christian Danzi
Philip M Lazowski Jr
William M McLagan
Philip Aiello
Eileen DeRosa
Robert Danzi
Shari Danzi
Olivia Danzi
Carrie Ballester
Michael D Steeil
Lisa McCarthy
Tom Krol photoTom Krol & Laurie Krol
Hibbert Duncan
Christine M. Caruso
Mark A Sidebottom
Elise Hobson
Steven Schreiner & Helen
Sean Vallieu & Brenda Vallieu
Evan J Griffiths
Jake, L, Eger
William Rudeau

Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Terri Martinac matched $2,500
Derek Wan matched $10,000
3 Engineering Alumni gave $3,000 because 65 donors made a gift in 10 days.
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $10,000 because 1,250 donors made a gift in 1 day.