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Day of Giving 2019
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A major highlight of a TCNJ School of Engineering education is design and research that connects strong theoretical foundations to real-world applications.  Whether studying education or engineering, our curricula are full of deeply engaging experiences that culminate in significant research and design projects. These experiences give students the opportunity to apply all that they have learned and to test their ingenuity, creativity, and design acumen.  


Over the years, the scope and number of these projects has grown, earning our students’ participation and recognition in national and international conference presentations and competitions. The price of materials, travel, and equipment have also risen. 


Your gift to the School of Engineering in support of the Senior Design Projects Endowment Fund will help ensure that students have the resources they need to successfully realize and validate their innovative and complex designs. Give today to help them continue the long, rich tradition of award-winning student design projects.

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Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
Dr. Norman Asper gave $5,000 because 75 donors made a gift in 9 days.
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $5,000 because 1,555 donors made a gift in 8 days.
Andy '83 and Maria '83 Polansky gave $5,000 because 2,100 donors made a gift in 8 days.