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Day of Giving 2019
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The School of Education takes pride in developing professionals who will act as agents of change in educational, family, and mental health settings. Our commitment to TCNJ students extends to the region and state they will serve, as well as the schools and districts where they will ultimately work.

Our Educator Inquiry Project offers opportunities for educators in our partner districts to investigate a question or a problem of practice that they are considering. They can start a pilot research project, begin a book club with colleagues, visit exemplary programs, learn new professional techniques, or engage students in new endeavors. 

Educators who apply for these grants will be asked how their improved practice will enhance their ability to act as mentors for TCNJ students and will be encouraged to involve TCNJ students in their projects. The educators who receive these start-up funds often host TCNJ students as student teachers, collaborate with TCNJ faculty, and provide insight on various aspects of our preparation programs. Enriching their practice has the potential to improve our preparation in multiple ways.

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Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
Terri Martinac ’72, ’73 matched $2,500
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