The Citadel Regimental Pipe Band

This campaign ends on September 8 at 11:17PM EDT

We are proud of the way our band represents The Citadel during parades and around the world.  But our Pipes and Drums could use some help.  Most of the instruments are more than 40 years old.  We are working to replace these instruments and help restore the Pipe and Drum corps to its full luster.

Your donation of any amount will go directly toward the purchase of these items.  You may choose which item to fund and a plate with your name and class year can be placed on the instruments to secure your legacy, or you can choose to place a loved one's name on the plate in honor or memory of them.  


Listed in the Incentive section to the left is a list of instruments and equipment that need to be replaced and the cost for each.  Once you have selected the item(s) you would like to donate, insert the total cost on the donation page.  To make a donation, click the “Make a Gift” button.  An incentive list will populate once you input the amount, please select the item that you wish to donate.   If you have purchased an instrument please call Sandra West to explain how you want your plate to read at 843-953-6716. 

If you are donating more than one item, please select your most expensive incentive item and then reach out to Sandra West, Assistant Director of Annual Giving at or 843-953-6716 to let her know the list of items you wish to donate.

US Heat Map

Class Leaderboard

The Class Leaderboard reflects giving from Alumni, Students, Parents
Class YearDonorsDollars
1967 3$8,650
1964 3$4,072
1958 1$2,050
1962 1$1,850
1969 1$1,850
2005 1$1,850
1957 4$1,725
1995 1$1,000
2011 1$1,000
2016 2$939
1966 2$700
2019 1$650
2007 1$500
1975 1$500
1953 3$400
1974 1$280
2012 1$241
1978 1$200
1963 1$200
2001 1$200
1960 1$200
1985 1$175
1951 1$100
2021 1$100
2020 1$100
1971 1$100
2010 1$100
1977 1$50
2002 1$50
1992 1$40

Donor affiliations

65% Alumni

Show Alumni

14% Parents

Show Parents

2% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

21% Friends

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Donor list

james w holt, jr
Garrison V. Morin
Rev. Blake Traynham, MDiv
Ernest D Brockman, Jr.
James Wilson
Jason H. ChumaJason H. Chuma photo
William G Kastner
Michael B Moore
Kelly Oliver
Jon Mason
Matthew R McGuirk
Beth ShanksBeth Shanks photo
Thomas Foote
Gerald L Buckles
Seth C Wells
Kevin ConquestKevin Conquest photo
J. Ashley Brown
J Sexton
Eileen Parker
Col. Raymond H. Crum, Jr. ‘57, USA Ret’d
Geoffrey HTylet
james w holt, jr
Patrick Major Pruitt
Tom Albright
Russell T Mease
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Only 20 left!

Snare Drummer's Stick Bag


Only 38 left!

Citadel Insignia Shoulder Broaches for Fly Plaids


Only 5 left!

Bass Drum Heads - with Logo


None Left

Carry Case for Feather Bonnet


Only 24 left!

Horse-Hair Sporrans


Only 26 left!

Snare and Tenor Drummer Skins Apron Style


None Left!

Drum Major's Feather Bonnet


Only 7 left!

Pearl Medalists 16" Tenor Drum - with Carry Frame and Travel Case


Only 7 left!

Pearl Medalists 18" Tenor Drum - with Carry Frame and Travel Case


Only 8 left!

Pearl Medalists Snare Drum - with Carry Frame and Travel Case

DONATE $1,203

None Left

Pearl Bass Drum - with Carry Frame and Travel Case

DONATE $1,850

Only 9 left!

McCallum Bag Pipes Sets Ready to Play - with Case

DONATE $2,200

Only 2 left!

Bass Drummer Skins - with Bengal Tiger Head