Class of 2020 Scholarship Jumpstart

This campaign ends on August 27 at 12:09AM EDT

Citadel Giving Day 2020 #JoinTheMarch

#JoinTheMarch during The Citadel's 24-hour Giving Day to 1,500 donors!

You open the gates for cadets.

Citadel Giving Day 2020 #JoinTheMarch
Class of 2020 Scholarship Jumpstart
2,853 Donors
$1,223,042 Donated

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The Citadel Class of 2020 wants to be the youngest alumni class in history to successfully establish a scholarship honoring our graduation year, in order to assist future generations of cadets with the rising cost of a college education. 

Please consider being a part of Citadel history by helping The Citadel Class of 2020 in our campaign to help secure the future of the Long Gray Line by making a gift to the Class of 2020 Scholarship Fund. 

Campaign Update: In light of COVID-19, the "pint night" event was postponed. The Citadel Foundation is looking to reschedule this event in September when the Class of 2020 returns to campus for the Long Gray Line parade. All pint glasses will be mailed when The Citadel Foundation resumes normal business operations. Thank you for your patience regarding this matter. 

US Donor Map

Company/Affiliation Leaderboard

Company/Affiliation LeaderboardDonorsDollars
Oscar 18$498
Band 15$442
Palmetto Battery 15$1,238
Echo 11$641
Mike (Donations are being matched!)11$436
Romeo 11$327
Victor 9$212
Foxtrot 9$271
Kilo 8$221
Bravo 7$171
Delta 7$202
Alpha 7$271
India 6$171
Hotel 5$126
Golf 5$176
Papa 5$126
Charlie 5$225
Tango 5$176
Sierra 5$146
Lima 4$96
November 4$176
Veteran Day Student 1$25
Evening Undergraduate 0$0

Donor affiliations

21% Alumni

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66% Students

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12% Parents

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2% Faculty/Staff

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2% Friends

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Donor list

Hunter C Hartley
Gunnar P. Finneseth
Victoria Doud
Matthew O McAlpin
Mills G Hinson
Julie A Hope
David A Clark
Cheryl Tillie Barrett
Spencer C. Harrelson
Bryce ,W, Broach
Gabriel A. Muller
J, Hunter, McGee
John T. Follin
Jacob P Godek
Bailey E. Richardson
Logan Hammond
Deanna M Lipscomb
Brett, A, Lipscomb
Chase J Wilson
Sandy Rozanski
Matthew D. Hammond
Thomas Klauber
Mitchell T Bryant
Maxx Snell
Matthew M. West
Craig R. Carter
Jaron J Marzitelli
Keith and Beth Clark
Sherri Smalls
Zachary R. Mills
Connor J Hamilton
Johnny Vernon Finley III
Alex, J, Just
Jennifer L.
Julie N Kicklighter
Kim Lowery
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Just for Mike

Jarret Sonta photo
Jarret Sonta is matching $5 per donor up to $150 in the next 17 days. Only the next 26 donors will be matched!
Olivia Looney photoOlivia Looney matched $25
Clyde Kahn matched $50
TJ Pomian photoTJ Pomian matched $69
Jonathan Kresken photoJonathan Kresken matched $100
Rhaei Brown photoRhaei Christian Brown matched $120
John Fisher photoJohn Fisher matched $150
Kent Workman matched $191
William Lind matched $199
Robert Hellams matched $200
Will Culbreath matched $200
Claude Saleeby matched $200
Kristin Banjo photoKristin Banjo matched $204
Mark Blackwell matched $250
Bill Yaeger photoBill Yaeger matched $250
Ken Braddock photoKenneth Braddock matched $250
Ken Braddock photoKen Braddock matched $5
Olivia Jones matched $25
Monty Garrett matched $500
General and Mrs. Glenn Walters matched $500
Olivia Jones matched $25
Daniel Vallini matched $1,000
Eli Wishart photoEli Wishart matched $1,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $1,250
JJ Joye matched $2,000
Anthony Parker matched $2,500
A Long Time Admirer of The Citadel matched $5,000
An Anonymous Donor matched $5,000
Riviere Propst Moody photoGeorge Smith matched $240
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DONATE $20.20

Members of the Class of 2020 who donate at least $20.20 will receive an invitation to a party in our honor, located in the club level of Johnson Hagood Stadium.

DONATE $25.20

Only 178 left!

Members of the Class of 2020 who donate at least $25.20 will receive a commemorative pint glass with an image of The Citadel Ring with our class year on it, as well as the right to another free drink at the party.


Members of the Class of 2020 who give at this Leadership Level will receive 2 pint glasses.