Class of 1981 Pavilion

This campaign ended on January 31, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Citadel by clicking here!

The Class of 1981 invites all classmates to make a participatory gift to name the Class of 1981 Pavilion at the Swain Boating Center.

In order to achieve this unique naming opportunity, we are seeking at least 150 classmate donations for this initiative by January 31, 2019.

This initiative is all about class participation, so we ask every member of the Class of 1981 to make a gift, regardless of size, to achieve our participation goal.

Company Leaderboard

Company DonorsDollars
Mike 18$9,925
Band 14$3,312
Tango 13$2,893
Delta 13$3,081
Charlie 13$14,425
Kilo 12$3,420
Bravo 9$1,350
Golf 8$1,239
Foxtrot 8$1,362
Romeo 7$2,050
Hotel 7$750
Lima 6$2,931
November 6$1,946
India 6$731
Alpha 4$1,100
Oscar 3$800
Echo 1$250

Donor list

Davd L. Merrifield
William Coleman
Jesse Stone
James P. Stack
Mon (Michael) Chin
George E. Kunkle, Jr.
Cecil Hester
Joe Chabra
Joseph W Locke Jr
William E. Thomas
Dewey Wilson
George M. Tederick, Jr
Butch smith
Larry S. Sweatt
Heyward Hall
Carl White
Benjamin H. Culbertson
Taylor C. Emanuel
Jim Ferrera
William E. Thomas
Stephen R. Weishuhn
Michael J. Rowland
stan sheftall
Robert M. Hellams
Greg Vogle
Joseph H. Bornman
Robert N. Copelan
James "Breeze" Bresette
David Debonis
Tony Fonseca
Neil Butler
Ed McKnight
Mark Reames
David G. Bigos
Mark Dotten
Gregory S Korn
Brian K Morris
Thomas A. Clark

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