Cadet Philanthropy Week

This campaign ended on September 29, 2017, but you can still make a gift to The Citadel by clicking here!

Let the games begin!

The First Annual Cadet Philanthropy Week is set to engage the cadet community in what it means to give back to The Citadel. The Cadet Relief Fund aids current cadets who are in emergency financial need. You can help pave the way for future cadets through your gifts. 

Battalion Competition -- what does that mean? Each Battalion will face off in a competition about participation. The Battalion with the highest participation amount will receive a pass for the SMI scheduled on October 14, 2017.

This competition is ALL about participation. What is participation? It's about the number of donors, not the number of dollars. Give $5 and it counts. That's the price of a latte at Brewed Awakenings.

Why? Philanthropy is important all over the world. The Citadel ensures that you give back to your community through many service initiatives, but as the saying goes, charity starts at home.  This week is an opportunity to give back to your school. State funding is clocking in at less than 8% of operating costs this year, so private donations need to make up a large deficit. Alumni, friends, and parents are all helping -- but we need you too. 

** Any cadet who signs up for a recurring monthly or yearly gift (even just $5 a month) will receive a complimentary Citadel Foundation Pub Pint Glass!

Fine Print: 
  • In order to be eligible to win and receive the SMI pass, a battalion must reach a minimum participation rate of 75%. 
  • Minimum dollar amount to donate is $5 per cadet. 
  • In the event of a tie in participation, the Battalion with the highest dollar amount raised will be the winner. 
  • Participation and dollars count in this competition. Once participation and dollars are fully calculated, winners will be announced via email the following week.
  • Only donations from current cadets count towards battalion totals.

    If you have any questions, please email Alexandra Kearney, Director of Annual Giving, The Citadel Foundation.



Battalion Leaderboard

DesignationDonorsDollarsGoal (Donors)%
Second Battalion 398$2,67651177.9%
Fourth Battalion 218$1,57146047.4%
First Battalion 216$7,90843849.3%
Third Battalion 112$1,68046124.3%
Fifth Battalion 109$18,90644324.6%

Donor affiliations

95% Students

Show Students

Donor list

James A. Walker
Will McDougal
Collin J Flanders
John DiCampli
Arnav Boppudi
Logan Wade Allman
Rafael, G, Gonzalez
Cameron Brown
Collin R Johnstone
Dana A. Duggan
Jeremy Gibbons
Charles A Sheppard
Matthew, A, Bartolomei
Zhang Wensi
John A. Myrtle photoJohn A. Myrtle
Levi Culbreath photoLevi Culbreath
Adam R Mooney
abigail, g, koger
Jonathan C Owens
Cecilia Gibson
James Quimby
William N. Rice
Christal J. Altidor
Dylan Cunningham
Brandon, C, Ranchero
George I. Saulnier
Brandi, Marie, Duzz
Rebecca Clingman
Logan Barber photoLogan Barber
John, A, Terenzio
Cameron R Clark
William, T, Moorman
Nicholas, C, Rivers

Jarret Sonta photoJarret Sonta matched $100
Jarret Sonta photoJarret Sonta gave $100 because $100 was donated in 1 day.
Jarret Sonta photoJarret Sonta gave $100 because $100 was donated in 1 day.

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If you get 5 people to donate, you will get a free Citadel Foundation pint glass! Hit the advocate button to get started.


Only 1 left!

Donate $10 or more and receive a Citadel Foundation cell phone adhesive pocket to show your support of The Citadel!