1994 Giving Campaign

This campaign ended on September 24, 2019, but you can still make a gift to The Citadel by clicking here!

The Class of 1994 is looking to close the gap on our 25th reunion project goal!     

Why Give? 

  • It will boost your company's participation and count towards the 25th Reunion Campaign goals. 
  • Class of 1994 Giving Challenge gifts will go to the Class of 1994 Reunion Project, the Class of 1994 Scholarship.**
  • This is an opportunity to give back to your alma mater.  State funding is clocking in at less than 8% of operating costs, so private donations help to make up a large deficit.  
  • More than 70% of the Corps of Cadets received donor-provided scholarship funds last year! 

Fine Print: 

**Donations will support the Class of 1994 25th Reunion Project: Class of 1994 Scholarship.  If you are interested in giving to another area on campus, please contact Riviere Moody: 843.953.6079.  
Only donations from the Class of 1994 solicitable alumni count towards the company totals. 
Minimum dollar amount to donate is $5. 
If you have any questions, please email Riviere Moody. 

Designation Leaderboard

Cadet CompanyDonorsDollars
Hotel 8$10,807
Charlie 5$4,888
Golf 12$2,775
Foxtrot 9$1,721
Lima 7$1,638
Delta 10$1,120
Mike 4$888
Band 3$700
Kilo 3$675
Tango 3$394
Romeo 3$382
November 2$294
Bravo 2$219
Oscar 2$114
Alpha 0$0
Echo 0$0
India 0$0
Palmetto Battery 0$0

Donor affiliations

95% Alumni

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2% Parents

Show Parents

2% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

2% Friends

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Donor list

Greg James
Robert K Lark
Bart Wetherington
Stewart L Bledsoe
James A Trammell
Wayne Segars
Todd Black
Dana Catchpole
Scott Hunt
Todd M. Muller
Bryce Maddray
Walt Fletcher
Josh Daniels
James L. Ward, Jr.
Joseph S Soltis
R Deno Cole
Stephen G. Tompkins
Craig Summerall
Charles A Leath III
Kurt Brockett
Isiah M. Gochett
Kendal Smucker
Robert L. Wiser
Stephen Schumacher
M. Brent Avery
Jesse R. Baker
John W. Anderegg
John W. Anderegg
John R McEvoy
David Wise
David Banner
William B Couch
Brad G Brisson
Russ Geboy

An Anonymous Donor matched $75
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