1974 Summerall Chapel Stained Glass Fund

This campaign ended on December 31, 2021, but you can still make a gift to The Citadel by clicking here!

Summerall Chapel is over 80 years old (built in 1936) and the stained glass windows are showing their age and urgently need to be restored to bring back their brilliant blue color, and to repair and strengthen the frames that support these windows.

Since its dedication, Summerall Chapel has held a special place of sanctuary for Cadets, Alumni, Faculty, Staff and visitors, offering a safe haven away from the stresses of life.  Summerall Chapel is entirely non-sectarian and offers weekly worship services. Cadets provide dynamic and vibrant leadership at all these services. The Annual Christmas Candlelight Service, held the first weekend in December, is a spectacular experience with Cadets singing and reading that completely fills the Chapel at each performance. Tour buses also make regular stops at the Chapel for visitors to see the exquisite blue stained glass.  

Company Leaderboard

Cadet CompanyDonorsDollars
Echo 6$19,350
Hotel 5$9,450
Delta 6$8,237
India 3$7,500
Oscar 3$6,000
November 5$4,415
Golf 1$3,500
Mike 5$3,359
Band 2$2,974
Romeo 3$2,850
Charlie 4$2,600
Alpha 3$797
Bravo 1$100
Tango 0$0
Palmetto Battery 0$0
Lima 0$0
Kilo 0$0
Foxtrot 0$0

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88% Alumni

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Donor list

Matthew Lacina
Robert E Shepherd
Tookie Key
Van D Lott III
Chet A Wingate, Jr.
William G Kastner
John Mentavlos
Ron P. Fenner
Fred Easterlin
Martin Terry Morris
Joseph A Nichols

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