We are all affected by the life altering arrival of Covid-19. Globally.  Nationally. Locally. Individually. Internally. Affected. But not everything that has come out of this experience is negative! We have learned to be more creative, more patient, more flexible. We have learned we need to be more accepting of each other and each other’s circumstances. That we might need to listen more and act more. We might even be learning that the most important things on this earth are our relationships to each other and to our environment. Covid is not done with us yet, but the Bryn Mawr Upper School together with students from Gilman have worked very hard in spite of the circumstances. They and we, the Upper School Arts team, are proud to present to you: The Performing Arts Showcase. A cabaret style virtual show that puts our experiences during this time at the forefront. The scenes are student-written, so truly this was a collaborative project. 

Some scenes may have sensitive topics.