Make Paris Possible at AUP 2022

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This campaign ended on November 18, 2022, but you can still make a gift to The American University of Paris by clicking here!
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Today we come to ask you to help us 

raise support for student scholarships 🎓

AUP has just welcomed its biggest incoming class ever, which means that the need for scholarships is growing fast. Over 50% of AUP students rely on financial aid, and additional support makes an education more accessible to the top students from around the world. 

Scholarship students here at AUP tell us that the extra support they've received has transformed their college experience, and given them the confidence to pursue their academic and professional dreams. They are project leaders, club-founders, community-builders, student advisors - in short, they are all of us! 

This Giving Day, join the campaign to reach 200 donors, and to support students where they need it most. 

You can also Make Paris Possible by supporting:

La Vie Quotidienne at AUP 🍎:  Gifts to the unrestricted Annual Fund or Parents Fund make an immediate difference to every student in every program, classroom, and organization on campus. Unrestricted funds help us meet the most current and pressing everyday needs on campus and allow us to respond quickly as urgent needs arise. From student Health and Wellness to AUP's Research Centers to our beautiful campus on the banks of the Seine- your gift to the Annual or Parent Fund ensures AUP community members will always have the help they need.

Coup de Pouce 🌍: The Cultural Program is a hallmark of AUP’s unique approach to a global liberal arts education. Through study trips and cultural excursions to inspiring destinations, the Cultural Program takes learning beyond the classroom, encouraging global explorers to become lifelong learners. Your gift to the Coup de Pouce fund allows us to provide funding to students who would otherwise be unable to participate in these life-changing opportunities.

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Congratulations, AUP Community!

The 24-hour campaign came to an official close this morning here in Paris, and we're thrilled to report the impact donors have made this year.

After 24 hours of giving, sharing, and much celebration...

158 donors participated in the Giving Day campaign

46 donors boosted general scholarships

15 donors supported Coup de Pouce Study Trip Grants

97 donors made gifts to other essential AUP designations

Altogether, the AUP community raised over €30k for these important designations.

We're also pleased to announce that Cemile Logue has won the chance to direct €1,000 of the President's Gift to an AUP cause of their choosing. Congratulations, Cemile!

Whether you made a gift on Giving Day, shared the campaign with friends and family, or followed along with the student stories of scholarships, thank you for making this day a success.

547 days ago by Kilian Ordelheide
We're nearly there!

Many students like Angelina can get an education at AUP thanks to generous donors like you! Help us exceed our 200-donor goal by sharing this campaign link with your friends before Giving Day ends!

547 days ago by Emily Ide
We're halfway there!

We've officially reached 100 donors! Thank you to all who have given today in support of student scholarships at AUP. Rona shares how scholarship has made an impact on her AUP experience.

547 days ago by Emily Ide
A message from the Inaugural Classes to AUP alumni and friends

Hello all,

Cliff Mahler ‘64, Grant Plemons ‘64, Edie White Wiltsee’67, Mimi Swensen ‘63, and I, Jeff Durgee ‘64, are reaching out to you as a team to wish you all well!

Last spring, the Founding Classes got together during AUP’s Founding Week via Zoom. We are so spread out these days that the Zoom capability is really appreciated. Everyone looked and sounded pretty much the same!  I have talked with ACP/AUP alumni recently and heard amazing stories about adventures like the ones we shared. Through the school, one fellow met and got to work with Jane Goodall. Grant remembered when he said something that challenged (and bothered)  Richard Nixon. We were there when everything was culminating over Algeria. Every day at ACP seemed to bring some surreal event. What one fellow called "pinch me" moments.  We were, and are, truly lucky.

Today, we hope to inspire all the AUP graduating classes that came after us (and that’s all the classes so far) to come together, as we all did when we were in Paris. Our days at ACP, now AUP provided us with countless “pinch me” moments that no other college or university could have done in quite the same way.

Today is a special giving day for AUP.  We like the title of the campaign: "Make Paris Possible". We were all so fortunate that Paris was possible for us. Let's keep the school going; make it possible for many students in years to come. Please, join us today in donating any amount you can.

Thank you.

Sending out our love and best wishes

 Jeff ‘64,  Mimi ‘63, Cliff ‘64, Grant ‘64, Edie ‘67


Grant, Edie, and Jeff at the University Club of New York last weekend for a meeting of the President's Alumni Advisory Council.

548 days ago by Emily Ide
Students Celebrate AUP Donors on Campus

On AUP's campus, students, faculty and staff came together to celebrate the generosity of AUP donors at the Giving Day Booth in Combes. Here, they learned about the importance of scholarships at AUP and wrote thank you cards to show their appreciation and gratitude for your support.

Marteena, another talented AUP student and scholarship recipient had this to say…

548 days ago by Kilian Ordelheide
Listen to Hera Soysal, AUP's USC President and Scholarship Recipient

Scholarship winners are some of AUP's most engaged students on campus.

From serving as the Undergraduate Student Council President, to co-founding the Vivre Performing Arts Club, Hera is doing it all. Here's how her AUP experience is going so far...

548 days ago by Savannah Gerlach

AUP's annual day of giving has officially started! 

Now is our chance to come together as a community and make higher education more accessible by giving to student scholarships.

When you make a gift of ANY size today, you could win the opportunity to direct €1,000 of the President's Gift to an AUP cause of your choosing.  

Here is a special message from AUP's newly-inaugurated president, Sonya Stephens:

548 days ago by Savannah Gerlach
AUP's annual day of giving is now just hours away!

This year, we're celebrating the power of student scholarships, and how just one gift can open doors of opportunity for AUP students.

Thanks to all of you early donors for getting this campaign off to a great start! Here's a clip from scholarship winner Johan on how scholarships changed his academic journey...

549 days ago by Savannah Gerlach

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