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This campaign ended on April 09, 2022, but you can still make a gift to The Alexander Dawson School At Rainbow Mountain by clicking here!

Each school year is filled with wonderful opportunities to celebrate our amazing community, and we are so grateful to all who continue to support our efforts. And it is our whole community – the students, families, faculty, staff, friends, and alumni – that make us who we are: resilient, strong, creative, and determined leaders and educators. That’s the Dawson Difference. There are several areas to which you can contribute to help Dawson as we actualize our Mission and Vision:

  • Athletics
  • Access & Affordability
  • Faculty Professional Development
  • Innovative & Creative Campus Spaces
  • All In for Dawson (any area of greatest need)

Thank you for what has already been an incredible year, and thank you in advance for joining us on this impactful journey in support of our amazing school.

All In With Gratitude & A Chance to Still Win!

We made some incredible progress in support of the School when we invited you to go “All In For Dawson” toward Access and Affordability, Athletics, Faculty Professional Development, and Innovative and Creative Campus Spaces. And congratulations to the winners of our fun grade-level participation challenge: Early Childhood and Third Grade! 


In order to allow our EC students to fully participate since this week is Week of the Young Child, we are moving our pizza, popsicles, and free dress to Wednesday, April 20! So, any class that gets to 80% giving by Wednesday, April 20, will get a pizza, popsicles, and free dress party! 

88 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Last Day to Win Pizza, Popsicles & Free Dress!

It's the LAST DAY to win PIZZA, POPSICLES & FREE DRESS! The winners will soon be announced so support your kids TODAY and any grade from EC-8 that achieves at least 80 percent parent or grandparent participation will win big!

90 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Final Chance to Go All In For Dawson!

This is it: Our final sprint toward the end of our Annual Fund campaign!

First, I want to take a moment to say thank you. Each and every gift we've received in support of the School has an immeasurable impact across our campus and is a tangible way to demonstrate your belief in the work we are excited to continue in the many years ahead.

We are grateful to every community member who has already donated to the Annual Fund, and if you haven’t yet, please take advantage of our final days and give now. Supporting the Annual Fund is a choice, not an expectation, and we are deeply appreciative that you choose Dawson.

93 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Week 5: All In For Everything!

It takes a lot of dedicated effort to operate a school like Dawson, from the simple things like the supplies our students require every day to the resources needed to strengthen and protect the school-home partnership with our families. 

Importantly, when you give a gift to show you’re All In For Everything, you are also helping to close the gap in tuition. As an independent, not-for-profit school, Dawson does not receive state or federal funding. The cost of an education for every single Dawson student is therefore subsidized; meaning, many families paying the full tuition price are still paying less than the School is spending to educate your child, leaving Dawson to rely on alternative sources of funding – including and especially the Annual Fund. 

97 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Week 4: Faculty Professional Development

We know the single biggest factor of a child’s success is the teachers with whom they work every day. So this week is particularly important because it supports the professional development needs of the remarkably talented educators who nurture, challenge, engage, and inspire our incredible students.  

With our faculty’s focus on modern learning for real-world connections and Project-Based Learning initiatives, it’s a fascinating time to be a part of the Dawson community. Today, we encourage you to go All in for Dawson’s teachers and give a gift that, in alignment with our Core Beliefs, supports Dawson as a true learning community that invests in educational best practices, advances in technology, and relevant world development. 

104 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
A Message of Gratitude from Dawson Athletics

What a remarkable time for Athletics! Our incredible teams have achieved record levels of success, and the school year is still not over! It’s all a testament to the hard work and dedication of our athletes, coaches, and faculty/staff, as well as the ongoing commitment of the School. We are grateful for the passion and support of our dedicated families and fans. Your generosity allows us to transform lives and shape leaders while fueling our teams' successes in competition, the classroom, and the community.

108 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Week 3: Access & Affordability

We can all agree that Las Vegas and its surrounding areas are uniquely and unquestionably incredible. Dawson prides itself on celebrating the diversity of our entire community in support of our Core Beliefs, Mission, and Vision, and as we continue to witness Las Vegas evolve, our School must be at the forefront of providing the type of education required to champion this transformation. 

Our dynamic school culture requires the recognition that in order to provide our students with the most modern learning environment, access and affordability for the Dawson experience must remain at the center of our efforts. We encourage you to go All In For Access & Affordability with a gift that supports the financial aid needs of families across the Las Vegas Valley. 

111 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Week 2: Athletics

Our student-athletes are important representatives of the School’s Mission and Core Beliefs, both on campus and throughout the larger Las Vegas community. We saw incredible success this past year with our newly revitalized athletics program, and by forming purposeful partnerships with local sports clubs and recruiting knowledgeable coaches and mentors, we will continue to enhance an athletics program that is inclusive, dynamic, and beneficial to all of our students. 

Today, I encourage you to go All In For Athletics in support of our sports facilities on campus, our student-athletes’ pursuits of excellence, and our amazing and dedicated coaches. 

118 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani
Week 1: Innovative & Creative Campus Spaces!

We are excited to officially kick off our "All In For Dawson" Annual Fund campaign! Last year, you helped support the many extraordinary indoor and outdoor areas that spark our students’ curiosity, collaboration, exploration, and personalized learning. With the School’s vision of philanthropy providing the blueprint, this year’s goal is to enhance more spaces across our beautiful 33-acre campus that are designed to meet the modern learning needs of our students.

125 days ago by Rachael Lachhwani

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