#VivaTAMIU 2020

This campaign ended on October 02, 2019, but you can still make a gift to Texas A&M International University by clicking here!

This academic year is a little different than most. Starting August 2019, we begin the celebration of our 50th Anniversary, A World of Difference!  Throughout the year we will celebrate our success as an institution, the success of our students, and our successes as individuals. As we head into the 50th Anniversary we invite each one of you to celebrate our story by supporting the #VivaTAMIU Faculty and Staff Campaign.  

Last year,* 47% of TAMIU's faculty and staff participated.  Our goal is to reach 50% participation this year in honor of our 50th Anniversary.  Your gift can help us reach and surpass that goal. Every gift makes A World of Difference in the lives of our students, whether you contribute to a scholarship fund, a specific program in your own department or study abroad. Your participation in faculty and staff giving also helps us when seeking funds from corporations and foundations. Let’s continue to make A World of Difference for our students, our community and beyond. 

Choose to support the area of your choice. Last year, many chose to give to the Area of Greatest Need which provides support across campus for various scholarships, student travel, programs and more. 

Please join us in making a charitable gift to TAMIU.

* Donor numbers are reflective of all gifts made in fiscal year 2019 and include gifts made online, through payroll deduction, cash or check since August 20, 2018. 



US Donor Map


The Departments reflects giving from Faculty/Staff
Athletics Department 18$2,188
International Banking & Finance Studies 16$7,350
Educational Programs 16$2,367
Nursing School 16$1,918
Humanities 12$1,970
Social Sciences 12$1,110
Institutional Advancement 12$6,980
University College 11$863
Fine & Performing Arts 10$544
Psychology & Communication 10$1,145
Registrar 9$600
Information Technology 9$430
Advising and Mentoring Center 8$605
Public Relations 8$1,225
International Business & Technology Studies 7$490
Instructional Technology & Distance Services 7$749
Financial Aid 7$465
Outreach and Precollege Programs 6$760
Accounts Payable/Travel 6$900
Community Relations & Special Events 6$365
Global Initiatives 6$355
Provost & VP for Academic Affairs 6$2,000
Institutional Assessment, Research and Planning 6$235
Student Success 5$1,870
Nursing School, Dean's Office 5$875
Library 5$495
Graduate School 5$235
Biology & Chemistry 5$300
Mathematics & Physics 5$321
Support Services 4$128
Finance & Administration Office 4$1,170
Compliance 4$35
Career Services 4$70
University Police Department 4$320
Student Health 4$540
Budget, Payroll & Fiscal Analysis 4$110
President 3$2,700
Environmental Health & Safety 3$360
Texas Academy of International & STEM Studies 3$580
COED Dean 3$1,930
ARSSB Dean 3$400
Student Counseling and Disabilities Services 3$185
Acquisitions/Serials 3$156
Purchasing 3$310
Student Conduct & Community Engagement 3$265
Admissions 3$80
Sponsored Project & Research 3$674
Grants & Contracts 3$265
Student Information Services 3$75
SOLE 3$435
Bursar 3$305
Rec Sports 3$230
Small Business Development Center 3$255
Recruitment and School Relations 3$95
Ph.D. Program 2$100
Athletic Compliance 2$80
Human Resources 2$540
Computing & Information Services 2$305
Continuing Education 2$145
University Learning Center 2$110
ARSSB Dean's Office 2$125
School of Engineering 2$610
Communication Sciences and Disorders 2$50
TRiO Student Support Services 2$70
COED Dean's Office 2$65
Testing Center 2$1,175
COAS Dean's Office 2$125
Circulation/Periodicals 2$75
Card Services 2$20
User Services 1$10
Receivables 1$120
Nursing School, Dean 1$60
Developmental Studies 1$120
Reference/Government Documents/Inter-Library Loans 1$120
Comptroller 1$240
COAS Dean 1$120
Center for the Study of Western Hemispheric Trade 1$120
Texas Center 1$360
Accounting Services 1$372
Comptroller's Office 1$60
Service-Learning Center 1$15
TAMIU-LBV Literacy Partnership 1$75

Donor affiliations

101% Faculty/Staff

Show Faculty/Staff

8% Alumni

Show Alumni

3% Students

Show Students

1% Parents

Show Parents

Donor list

Ana M Vargas
Jesse Lamar Shaw
Tim Rubel
Tatiana Gorbunova
Marycarmen Salinas
Norma L Rodriguez
Jessica Trevino
Ladule LoSarah
Nate Vogel
Roberto Gonzalez
Vincent Moreno
Nancy Ventura Vichareli
Sergio Garza
Irene Vela-Mendoza
Miguel Saucedo
Thomas R Brown
Sofia C. Maldonado
Karol Batey photoKarol Batey
Joe Ramirez
Josiah Johnson
Amy Sandoval
Kameron Jorgensen
Jorge L Aviles
Marcus Carey & Ashley Carey
Jennifer Torres & Francisco Figueroa Jr.
Ana Karen Robinson
Jake Hudspeth
Claudia San Miguel
Gloria Sanchez & Emanuel Sanchez
Joe Sanchez
Ricardo Ramirez
Puneet Gill


Scholarships Leaderboard

University College Scholarship11$993
Kinesiology Scholarships1$50
Communication Disorders Majors Scholarship1$25
Binational Scholarships7$380
Jack R. Brown Golf Scholarship Fund2$675
We Teach Laredo Fellowship Fund10$2,475
Professional Opportunities Supporting Scholarly Engagement Student Travel0$0
Music General Scholarship Fund1$1,200
Masters in Public Administration Scholarship1$180
Lacey C. Keck Endowment6$1,440
Ernst Feisner Scholarship Fund0$0
TAMIU General Scholarships 13$470
TAMIU Alumni Association Graduate Scholarship0$0
TAMIU Alumni Association Scholarship 3$1,205
TAMIU Alumni Association Endowed Scholarship3$180
Staff Senate Book Scholarship7$560
Killam Library Scholarship6$691
Jose Garcia STEM Endowed Scholarship for Engineering2$310
International Student Scholarship2$20
Graduate School Scholarships 11$385
Faculty & Staff STEM Endowed Scholarship32$7,249
Faculty & Staff Endowed Scholarship6$390
Athletic General Scholarships7$912
Dr. Billy F. Cowart Scholarship2$390
Dee Michelle Memorial Scholarship for Psychology3$255
Closer Thank Ever Scholarship1$120
Dr. F. M. Canseco School of Nursing and Health Sciences Scholarship3$210
College of Arts & Sciences General Scholarship 2$150
Canseco Nursing Scholarship8$465
Athletic Scholarships6$368
A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business General Scholarship 22$1,737
5th Year Student Athlete Scholarship1$60

A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business Leaderboard

Conferences PhD Program 11$2,735
A. R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business General Scholarship 22$1,737
A.R. Sanchez, Jr. School of Business Area of Greatest Need7$265

Athletics Leaderboard

Jack R. Brown Golf Scholarship Fund2$675
Men's Soccer1$120
Men's Golf Scholarship0$0
Men's Golf0$0
Ernst Feisner Scholarship Fund0$0
Women's Soccer Scholarship0$0
Women's Soccer1$5
Women's Golf Scholarship0$0
Women's Golf0$0
Women's Cross Country Scholarship0$0
Women's Cross Country0$0
Women's Basketball Scholarship0$0
Women's Basketball0$0
Softball Scholarship1$60
Men's Soccer Scholarship0$0
Men's Cross Country1$20
Men's Basketball Scholarship0$0
Men's Basketball1$60
Dustdevil Club7$6,790
Cheer and Dance Teams0$0
Baseball Scholarships0$0
Athletic Training1$60
Athletic Scholarships6$368
5th Year Student Athlete Scholarship1$60

College of Arts & Sciences Leaderboard

TAMIU Dance Program 1$5
Music General Scholarship Fund1$1,200
Fine & Performing Arts Scholarship Fund9$444
Art Program5$240
Dance General Scholarship0$0
Communication Program 3$225
College of Arts & Sciences General Scholarship22$1,651
Biology & Chemistry Program Fund3$155
Area of Greatest Need6$235

College of Nursing & Health Sciences Leaderboard

Kinesiology Scholarships1$50
Communication & Speech Disorders Clinic1$25
Communication Disorders Majors Scholarship1$25
Speech & Hearing Research Fund0$0
Canseco Nursing Scholarship8$465
College of Nursing & Health Sciences General Scholarship18$2,580
Area of Greatest Need0$0

College of Education Leaderboard

We Teach Laredo Fellowship Fund10$2,475
Professional Opportunities Supporting Scholarly Engagement Student Travel0$0
COED Fellowship for Student Research0$0
College of Education General Scholarship9$1,217
Area of Greatest Need3$90

Graduate School Leaderboard

Graduate School Scholarships 11$385

University College Leaderboard

TAMIU Reading the Globe6$550
TAMIU Garden7$185
University College Scholarship11$993
Area of Greatest Need3$35

Programs Leaderboard

Student Emergency Services0$0
Communication & Speech Disorders Clinic1$25
Youth Entrepreneurial Skills Camp 0$0
University Honors Program 2$625
TAMIU Garden 1$120
TAMIU Reading the Globe6$550
Professional Opportunities Supporting Scholarly Engagement Student Travel0$0
Planetarium 3$310
Leadership Programs 2$300
International Experience4$325
DustyMotors Formula 1 Car0$0
Dusty’s Food Pantry 3$75
Engineering Robotics1$60
Discover TAMIU 0$0
Speech & Hearing Research Fund0$0
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