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The Hendricks Chapel Student Opportunity Fund, created in 2018 through the generosity of a Syracuse University family, provides direct assistance to students experiencing financial hardship. 

Since the beginning of the Student Opportunity Fund, Hendricks Chapel has provided nearly 300 grants, totaling more than $180,000 to assist students in need. Students received assistance for necessary educational expenses, such as textbooks, computers and art supplies; personal expenses for food security, travel, lodging and other needs; as well as emergency payments, like loss of family financial support, medical issues, loss due to fire, and travel due to the illness or death of a family member.

In light of the coronavirus pandemic and related financial struggles, the number of requests from students has increased dramatically, and we are seeking the assistance of the Syracuse University community. Through the Hendricks Chapel Student Opportunity Fund, we are committed to ensuring that all of our students have the social and academic climate and support they need to succeed and thrive at Syracuse University and beyond.


Student, Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs

“The Student Opportunity Fund has helped me be able to afford a tutor to help me pass my coursework, which has been made much more challenging because of COVID-19. I not only passed my classes, I did even better than before. I improved my understanding of the subject material, all thanks to generous donors to Syracuse University’s Hendricks Chapel.”

Student, School of Information Studies

“I was in my final semester of graduate school looking for full-time jobs and trying to complete my coursework in time, when this accident happened at my place. Fire broke out on the second floor of my house, gutting almost all the stuff in my and my friends’ rooms. I was financially and emotionally under a lot of stress.
[Hendricks Chapel] provided me the much-needed financial assistance and emotional guidance to cope with the situation, which helped me immensely to get adjusted back in life overcoming the trauma which I faced. I am very lucky to have received this great help from Hendricks Chapel. I was oblivious then and the funds that I received was the light in that phase of oblivion. I will always cherish the fact that my life wouldn’t have been better without it.”

Student, College of Engineering and Computer Science

“I was devastated when my laptop shattered during finals week. Almost immediately, I remembered hearing about the Student Opportunity Fund... I am so thankful to have found out about this resource and have shared it with my friends who needed it too!”

Student, College of Visual and Performing Arts

“The Student Opportunity Fund provided me with the required materials for my class, owing to which I was able to submit my assignments on time. I would not have been able to pass my class otherwise, having no funds to buy the art material due to being an international student on a limited need-based scholarship.”

Student, Maxwell School at Syracuse University.

"I am in the final semester of grad school and I am an international student. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 crisis, I have faced severe financial difficulties in paying part of my university tuition and living expenses. During the quarantine period, I cannot work on the university campus to cover my living expenses. Unfortunately, the institution that was supposed to help me cover part of the university tuition fees had a problem with the pandemic and is not able to help anymore. So, I asked the Hendricks Chapel for help. I am pleased to announce that they have agreed to pay part of my living expenses. That can be a great help to me so that I can focus more on studying. Thanks in advance for the generous support of the Hendricks Chapel."

Student, College of Arts and Sciences

"In the middle of the semester with having to dig into my savings to rush back home after campus closed down, I found myself having a hold in my account because I had a bill I was unable to pay. Not having any more money in my savings, no more funds provided from the financial aid office, and my parents not being able to contribute, I remembered about The Student Opportunity Fund. I was panicking because without paying for the bill, I would not have been able to register for classed in the Fall. I reached out and they were able to fund part of my bill and my hold was lifted allowing me to register for classes."

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